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About Me



My name’s Lee, but you are welcome to call me The Taper. I have not only a passion for all things related to what I convert, change and record for you; I’m good at it too. With generous encouragement from friends and family, here I am, ready to work for you!

By using me, you trust me with your precious videos, cassettes, photos, negatives and slides. As you’re trusting me to bring back your memories it’s only fair that you know a bit about me.

bringing back your memories www.thetaper.co.uk


You are making use of me because you want to be able to enjoy the videos, recordings and pictures once again – and of course to do so at a fair price.

I carry out work in a studio set up and dedicated to it. It’s just me that has access to it, and I keep it in perfect condition for doing all forms of conversion work.

The most important requirement you have for handling your memories is trust. Well, if I couldn’t then I wouldn’t last very long doing this. I am a professional person with more than 15 years working in management in the corporate banking sector, more recently I have been active in website consultancy. This has let me build a name known for personal and professional trust.

One thing I’ve always lived by is a phrase a dear old friend taught me – if you always tell the truth then you never have to remember what you said. If you have any questions or a query about me and what I do before you use my services, please feel free to ask. I will answer in this same spirit.

For information on my professional writing services please visit Best Write.

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