Cassettes Continue To Make A Comeback

Cassettes are, to the surprise of many, the latest physical format of music to have a revival. Whilst the sales of tapes account for only 1% of all albums sold, the year on year growth in the market has been an unexpected success story.

One of my most popular services is converting cassettes to mp3 or CD. With this in mind, I thought it would be interesting to look at the phenomenon.


Cassettes – The History

The audio cassette was once the most popular format for music. During the 1980s this format outsold both CDs and vinyl LPs. The popularity of tapes was due to the easy way they could be played anywhere. Unlike CDs or records, tapes could be played on the go, either through a Walkman or on a car stereo. They were also less likely to be damaged than vinyl records.

Another factor for the popularity of cassettes was the price. They normally cost the same as a vinyl record. Back in the 1980s and 1990s this usually meant they were half the price of the same album on CD.

Cassettes only really lost popularity when portable digital music became possible. Portable CD players – The Discman – meant you could play CDs anywhere, and then in the late 1990s mp3 players first became available.

Cassettes – Why The Revival?

Many have been left surprised by the resurgence in cassette sales. Whilst the passion for vinyl never really went away, many had assumed that tapes would not be missed.

It is true that the sound quality of music cassettes is not as good as vinyl records. They also do not have the clarity or perfection of digital formats. What they do have, however, is a great deal of nostalgia. Many of us grew up with tapes being either our preferred or only format in which to hear music.

Whilst mp3 files or streaming services are convenient, they tend to overlook the fact that people are tactile. We like to hold and touch things. Holding a piece of music you like, and admiring the artwork, is for many just as important as hearing the album.


How Many Cassettes Are Being Bought?

According to an article on the Official Chart website, nearly 20,000 tapes had been sold in 2017. Whilst this is relatively low in terms of all album sales, it is in fact more than double the number sold in 2016.

One of the biggest drivers for the increased sales is undoubtedly the Guardians Of The Galaxy films. In those films, one of the main characters frequently plays “mix tapes” on their Walkman. This served to inadvertently introduce a generation unaware of cassettes to the music format.

Some 80 albums were released on cassette during 2017. Artists who released their albums in this format include Kasabian, Morrissey, Blondie, The Charlatans and Arcade Fire. More acts are expected to release their albums on cassette during 2018. The Manic Street Preachers have already announced that their next album will be available in this format.

Events such as Cassette Store Day are also helping increase the interest levels in this format.

Cassettes – What I Do For You

It’s great to see tapes once again being popular. On a practical level, though, not everyone has the equipment required to listen to them.

My services convert audio cassettes to a format of your choice. I can convert recordings to either mp3 files or CD. I am, of course, happy to do both!


I’ve added some examples of my tape to CD work on my You Tube channel. The most recent of these examples has been a tape called Bend It!, which features football songs, commentary and interview. Here’s the direct links for part one and part two.

If you have cassettes that you’d like in a digital format, please get in touch. You can get hold of me through the details on the contact page.


Star Wars Videos – Magical Memories

This week sees the release of a brand new Star Wars film, The Last Jedi. Many millions of fans around the world are counting down to the first cinema screening. As I am one of the many, I thought it would be an appropriate time to look at the original Star Wars videos.

Star Wars videos

For a lot of fans, the first three Star Wars films remain the best. The ones which came after had many magical moments, but these ones were always special. This is particularly true for those of us who grew up with the films. In this respect, those of us lucky enough to have the Star Wars videos would often watch them again and again!

It would be fair to say that having Star Wars on home video has caused some controversy. The films have been released in different versions over the years. Sometimes the different versions have upset fans. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Star Wars Videos – The Original Releases

The Star Wars videos you see here in this article are from 1988. From what I remember, these were one of the first copies released to buy, rather than rent. Buying and owning videos only started to become popular in the UK during the late 1980s.

Star Wars videos

I believe that these video tape releases contain what many fans call the “proper versions” of Star Wars. This is to say that they appear here in their original cut or edit. As I mentioned at the start, many of the releases which came after 1988 caused some controversy.

From the early 1990s onwards, Star Wars creator George Lucas decided to re-edit the three films. He did this as he believed technology would allow him to show the films as he always intended to. Whilst the intentions were clear to understand, many fans did not like the changes. They found the alterations too distracting, and upset their memories of the films.

With this in mind, many had decided to keep their original Star Wars videos, or wish that they had!

Star Wars Videos – The Legacy

There have been a number of releases of the original three Star Wars films. From the mid-1990s they have come out on VHS, DVD and Blu Ray. In nearly all cases, however, they were the “special edition” versions.

In response to this, the original theatrical versions of the films were released on DVD. They were called the “Limited Edition” versions, and feature both the original version and the special edition of each film. A number of fans, though, believe that these versions are still not exactly what they remember from the original release.

Star Wars videos

Some dedicated fans around the world have made their own edits of the films. These are normally called the “despecialized editions”. To do this they have taken footage from all released sources, editing them together in a version they are happy with.  This really shows the dedication many fans have!

For fans really keen to see the films as they remember them, the best approach is usually to obtain the 1980s releases of the Star Wars videos. These are exactly what they saw at the time.

Star Wars Videos – An Example

As I had the Star Wars videos out I thought many of you would appreciate a sample of them to look at. I’ve added a promo to my You Tube channel.

The sample I have shared is for the CBS FOX promo reel at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back. It’s a trailer which features scenes from many films, all perfectly synced to the Star Wars theme composed by John Williams.

Star Wars videos

Here’s the direct link for the promo video – CBS FOX 1988 All Time Greats Trailer.

I hope you enjoy it, and spot some of your favourite films!

VHS To DVD Conversions – What I Do For You

The story of Star Wars videos and their different versions show the value of my services. It is far from being the case that Star Wars is alone in having many different versions released. There are a number of fans who believe that the best version of a particular film is the one which was released on VHS.

I am delighted to make it easier to watch those versions again. If you have a special version of a film or concert on tape, then my VHS to DVD conversion work can let you watch it again.

The Taper was set up because I am passionate about helping people bring back their magical memories. I hope you’ve found the story of the Star Wars videos to be a great example of this!

I provide a high quality service for a low, competitive price. If you have memories you’d like converted to more modern formats, please get in touch. You can reach me via the details provided on the contact page.

Thank you for visiting my site and looking at my services. As the saying in the films goes, May The Force Be With You!


Photograph Scanning Services – To Preserve And Share

In this day and age, we can easily take pictures for granted.  As smartphones and tablets have cameras built in to them we tend to take a lot more pictures than when we could only do so with a camera. For many people it’s the case that they now have their picture taken more times in a week than they ever did during their childhood.  It’s this rarity of pictures in the past that makes my photograph scanning services so useful.

Today it’s quite normal for families to have hundreds, if not thousands, of pictures. Usually they are taken digitally, and stored on hard drives or in cloud services. This wasn’t always the way it was. For many of us, especially those who grew up before the year 2000, it is likely we could say we have “dozens” of pictures. This makes them all the more precious – and more important to protect.

Let’s take a look at two reasons why my photograph scanning services could be fantastic for you.

photograph scanning services

Photograph Scanning Services – To Preserve Memories

The number one reason to make use of my photograph scanning services is to make sure your images are kept safe.

It is true that most of us keep our photos safely stored in frames or photo albums. Quite often, however, it can be that those photos are the only copies we have. There are all sorts of “worst case scenarios” that we’d rather not consider about what could happen. Ultimately, it’s better to make use of my services. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that copies of the photos are safely stored away.

photograph scanning services

Photograph Scanning Services – Sharing Memories

One of the things which is truly great to do with modern digital images is sharing them. Whether we share via email, social media accounts or even printing and sending, this is quite easy to do these days. This was not always the case. In years gone by, in order to share a photo you either had to get a reprint or give up your own copy of it.

My photograph scanning services let you share old photos via the new ways. Once the photos are scanned you can do all sorts of things with them. The scanned images can very easily be emailed, posted to social media accounts or even printed out.

Another great thing to do with scanned photographs is to display them on a digital photo frame. Please have a look at this blog post for more on that wonderful idea!

photgraph scanning services

Photograph Scanning Services – What I Do For You

I deliver the same high quality work in scanning photographs as I do with scanning negatives and slides.

As a standard I scan photographs in at 600dpi, which is perfect for making large and clear images.

Perhaps the best reason to use my photograph scanning services is that I do each picture one by one. Some who offer this service just load them up into a bulk scanner. I don’t believe in this approach. Taking the time to do each photograph one by one means that I can deliver the best quality possible.

If you have photographs that you’d like scanned, please get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page. It’s been a delight to deliver this service to people across the UK – I am looking forward to working for you!

VHS To DVD Conversions – Wedding Videos

Quite a lot of the tapes I get for VHS to DVD conversions are home videos. Mostly these come from family events. Some of them are taken on holidays, or at Christmas. It would, however, be fair to say that the number one request that comes to me is to convert wedding videos.

This is quite understandable. Back in the 80s and 90s video cameras were accessible, if not always affordable for all. When a wedding was coming up it was normal for families who didn’t have a video camera to borrow one from a friend. As the years went on it also became a standard for wedding photographers to also offer to film the big event. There are many people who have their wedding recorded on video, then, despite never owning a video camera themselves.

VHS to DVD conversions

It’s always a delight, and a great pleasure, to provide my VHS to DVD conversion services for wedding videos. Other than being a treasured memory of an important day, it’s often the only footage which exists of family members.

VHS To DVD Conversions – Wedding Videos

One of the interesting aspects of wedding videos filmed in the UK is that it’s rare to see the ceremony itself.

Whilst now it is quite common to film the whole ceremony as part of a wedding video this was not the case in the 80s and 90s. There are a number of reasons for this being the case. In general terms the Church was reluctant to give permission as it was felt that setting up the camera and filming would be a distraction from the big event. Other concerns related to people being filmed without permission, as well as copyright on songs played as part of the service.

Usually wedding videos from these times feature events before and after the wedding ceremony. The tapes start with the guests arriving at the church, as well as the bride and groom. You would then have footage of the newly-weds leaving the church, and quite often some footage of the reception.

It is always wonderful to be able to watch this again. Normally the footage features friends and family you might not have seen for a while. As the years go by, in some cases you get to see a glimpse of a friend or family member who is sadly no longer with us.

VHS To DVD Conversions – A Wedding Video Example

A member of my family has very kindly given me permission to use a snippet of their wedding video. You can see this example of VHS to DVD conversions on my You Tube channel. Here’s a direct link to the video itself.

VHS to DVD conversions

I decided to use quite a fun snippet from the reception. The above still from the video shows a really rather good Frank Sinatra tribute act performing. In the background you can see an Elvis Presley tribute act enjoying the music of Mr Sinatra!

It really was a pleasure for me to be able to do this conversion. I enjoyed brining back some wonderful memories of a fantastic day. This also enabled me to see some family and friends who I’ve sadly not seen for quite a while.

VHS To DVD Conversions – What I Do For You

The reason I do this work is my passion for helping people. It really is wonderful to help bring back your memories.

My VHS to DVD conversions offer the highest quality work for a highly competitive price. Please check out the reviews my services have earned.

If you have home videos that you’d love to see again please get in touch. You can get hold of me with the details on the contact page.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, and to doing some wonderful work for you!

VHS to DVD conversions


Converting Cassettes To MP3 – Free Tapes

I’ve been kept quite busy lately with my converting cassettes to mp3 service. This is one of the most popular forms of work I do in bringing back your memories. It’s always great to hear from people who have kept hold of tapes, and wonderful to be able to help.

There’s been a wide and diverse range of tapes I’ve converted for people. I’ve had the pleasure to work with everything from audio books to personal, family recordings. With this being the case I thought you might enjoy looking at another example of converting cassettes to mp3. To do this I’ve used another tape from my own collection.

converting cassettes to mp3

Converting Cassettes To MP3 – Free Tapes

The above image shows some of my collection of “free” tapes. These were given away with a number of different magazines. In the late 1980s, and throughout most of the 1990s, this tended to be a very popular approach to promotion and advertising.

It is of course a bit misleading to say that the tapes were “free”. You were expected to buy the magazine in order to get it. The money spent was normally worth it, though, as more often than not the tapes contained unique material. Sometimes the cassettes featured rare or previously unreleased material from bands and artists, whilst others featured comedy sketches and radio broadcasts.

You have to remember that this was all before the internet was being used as widely as it is today. With no online communities of fan forums or digital downloads available these free tapes were often the only way to hear something. It’s mostly because of the unique content that many people have held on to the cassettes – despite no longer owning a tape deck.

Free tapes weren’t given away due to the generosity of the magazines, of course. A free cassette included often gave them considerably more sales than usual. In many cases the cassettes were sponsored, with advertisers seeing this as the perfect way to promote their products for sale.

converting cassettes to mp3

Converting Cassettes To MP3 – An Example

In this instance it might be best to say that “hearing is better than seeing”. To give a better example of the unique content which appeared on these free cassettes I’ve added an example to my You Tube channel. I’ve added side one of the This Is Radio Goal tape which came free with an edition of Goal magazine during 1995. Here’s the direct link to the upload.

The tape is very interesting listening for all football fans. It’s presented by Sir Trevor Brooking, and presents highlights of classic commentary moments first broadcast by the BBC. Hopefully you enjoy hearing it. It might be that some of the commentary which features on the tape brings back some great memories for you!

converting cassettes to mp3

Converting Cassettes To MP3 – What I Do For You

If you, like me, have kept hold of some of these cassettes over the years it’s likely you did so because you really enjoyed them. Wouldn’t it be great to hear them once again? This is where my services can help you!

My converting cassettes to mp3 services give you high quality work for a low, competitive cost. I am delighted to have had some really great reviews for doing this. It would be a pleasure to be able to do the same work for you.

If you have audio cassettes that you wish to hear again please get in touch. You can reach me through the details on the contact page. Whether you want to have your tapes made into mp3 files or CDs I will always deliver what you want. I’m always happy to discuss the pricing too!


Converting VHS To DVD – Instructional Videos

Most of the work I do in converting VHS to DVD involves home videos. It’s always a pleasure to do these, as I know it really lets some wonderful memories come back. These are not, however, the only type of video people contact me about.

In recent times I’ve had a few requests to convert guidance or instructional videos to DVD. These have covered quite a diverse range, featuring everything from fly fishing through to martial arts. All of them have featured useful and important information which the owner wishes to watch again.

An example of an instructional video has come my way. I’ve uploaded it to the You Tube channel for The Taper to show the quality of my converting VHS to DVD work.

converting vhs to dvd

Converting VHS to DVD – Why Do It?

The most obvious answer to this is that someone wishes to watch what is on the tape again. In cases of home videos that’s quite understandable. For instructional videos, though, some further information is valuable.

In many cases videos of documentaries and instructional guides are no longer available. These are videos which have not been released on DVD or as a digital download. A previous article here mentioned that some 50% of all VHS tapes released in the UK have not been reissued in a different format. My converting VHS to DVD services directly addresses this problem.

Not many of us have kept a working VHS machine, or have one set up to play tapes. My services make it far easier to watch the content of VHS tapes again. The DVDs I produce work with the overwhelming majority of DVD and Blu Ray players in the UK. In fact, as my DVDs are “Zone Free”, they should play without problem anywhere in the world.

converting VHS to DVD

Converting VHS to DVD – An Example

Let’s have a closer look at this tape I have used as an example.

This tape is over 20 years old. As people buying camcorders or video cameras today are likely to buy digital ones it would make little sense to release this one on DVD. There are, however, a great many people who still use tape based video cameras. This kind of instructional video is ideal for people wanting to get the most from their equipment.

As mentioned earlier I have converted this tape as an example of my converting VHS to DVD services. Here’s the direct link to the video. Despite the tape being old, and quite well used, the quality has come out exceptionally well.

There are thousands of tapes like this that are of interest to people in this day and age. I will be delighted to help you watch them once again with my services.

Don’t forget I also convert VHS-C tapes to DVD. Please look at this page for more information!

converting VHS to DVD

Converting VHS to DVD – What I Do For You

Whether it’s a home video or an instructional tape I am always delighted to help you. I have uploaded the above, plus a few other examples, to show the high quality of work I carry out. The price I charge is also kept highly competitive. My passion is more for helping people bring back their memories rather than huge profits!

If you would like to watch your VHS tapes on DVD then please get in touch. You can reach me through the details on the contact page.

Hopefully you have found this article interesting. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Convert Tape To MP3 – Radio Recordings

One of the most popular services I offer is to convert tape to mp3. There are many people who have kept tapes over the years but don’t have the means to play them. My work makes it much easier for you to hear those recordings again on modern audio equipment. I take pride in delivering high quality conversions for the most competitive price possible.

I have converted a number of different recordings over the last few weeks. Some customers have contacted me to transfer audio books to mp3. There’s also been one or two albums I’ve done, ones which have not been issued on CD or as a digital download. In this article I’m going to look at another type of tape – radio recordings.

convert tape to mp3

Convert Tape To MP3 – Radio Recordings

Making a tape recording from the radio might seem a little strange in this day and age. For the last ten or so years it’s been the case that most radio broadcasts are made available for download, or as a podcast. This wasn’t always the case. Before we had the internet the only way to keep a radio broadcast of interest was to have a blank tape at the ready. I am one of the many people who did this.

The most common request for my convert tape to mp3 services relates to radio interviews. In the pictures with this article you can see two examples of this from my own collection.

Radio interviews was one of the most common forms of promotion used for many years. It used to be easier to arrange a radio interview for a musician, author or actor than it was a television one. Good promotion of an appearance on the radio also meant that the target audience was reached. As you might expect – and as shown in my examples here – for the most part it was musicians who appeared on the radio for interviews. This was normally to promote a new album or upcoming tour.

Convert Tape To MP3 – Why Keep Radio Recordings?

Some might say that once you’ve heard an interview you would not need to hear it again. For fans of specific groups or artists this is not really the case. If an interview has been particularly interesting, entertaining and enjoyable it’s likely that you would want to listen again. This is why I have kept a number of them over the years.

convert tape to mp3

I’ve used my convert tape to mp3 services on the two tapes you can see pictured here. They appear on the You Tube channel for The Taper. I have done this so you can get an idea of the sound quality my services deliver.

Here are the direct links for the two interviews –

Tin Machine – Radio 1, 13 August 1991

Ian Brown – Key Radio 103, 8 February 1998

For examples of how older recordings come out when using my convert tape to mp3 services there’s also an interview with Mary Hopkin, recorded on 1 March 1976. Here’s the link to part one of that interview.

Convert Tape To MP3 – What I Do For You

In the above examples I have removed most,  if not all, of the songs. This has been done for time considerations. When you use me to convert tape to mp3 I make sure the complete recordings on the cassettes are converted.

I convert your tapes to the format you will find most useful. Some people prefer them to be converted to CD, whereas others want them as mp3 files. I am happy to do either, and indeed I will do both if that is preferable.

For more information on my convert tape to mp3 services please visit this section of my website. If you’re ready for me to do this work for you then please get in touch via the contact page.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing this work for people across the UK. I am looking forward to being of service to you in bringing back your memories!


Digital Photo Frames – A Great Gift Idea

Digital photo frames are a wonderful gift idea. They are as enjoyable as they are practical for those who have many photos they wish to admire. You can use one digital photo frame to display hundreds – indeed thousands – of pictures. This lets you, or the person you give one to as a gift, enjoy many memories.

The services I offer here at The Taper are perfect for digital photo frames. I scan photographs, negatives and slides to make high quality digital images. These, as I will show in this article, look fantastic when displayed on a digital photo frame. With Christmas coming up you may find this to be the most inspired choice of gift for a special friend or family member. That said, digital photo frames can be the perfect gift for any occasion.

digital photo frames

What Are Digital Photo Frames?

These frames have been around for just over ten years now. They embrace the benefits of lightweight, high-definition LED screens and digital storage. Most frames have a built in memory with the option to plug in an SD card or USB stick.

One of the greatest advantages of digital photo frames is the ability to view many pictures at once. Instead of having to select just a few images – or risk cluttering your home with many frames – you can have all your pictures on display in one frame. A 1GB SD card, for example, would let you have some 500 high quality images displayed on a digital photo frame.

Digital photo frames are widely available and very affordable. Prices for them usually start at around £25. In my experience even the more budget range of digital frames offer a very impressive picture quality. If you are looking for a digital photo frame the best place to start is online. Sites such as Amazon and eBay usually have some great deals on them.

My digital photo frame features an 8″ screen. To give you a better idea of how they work I’ve added a video to my You Tube channel. Here’s the link to the brief clip, showing how the images rotate and change on it. All the images on my frame are ones that I have scanned from photographs, negatives and slides.

digital photo frames

Digital Photo Frames – What I Do For You

The one thing I don’t do is supply the actual digital photo frame. I really believe you would be able to find a great deal on your own, with most suppliers offering free shipping. It would be best for you to select a frame, after all, that has the colour, style and size you want.

My services make it possible for you to display digital images of your photographs, negatives and slides on your frame. I create high quality images which, as you can see, appear perfectly when loaded onto a digital photo frame. At your request, and subject to an extra charge, I can save the images on an SD card so you can plug it straight in.

If you want to have photographs, negatives and slides scanned for digital photo frames please get in touch. You can reach me through any of the methods listed on the contact page for this site.

For some other great ideas about what to do with scanned photographs, negatives and slides you may find this earlier article interesting.

Hopefully you have found this article interesting and inspiring. Digital photo frames really do make a great gift for dear friends and loved family members.


Cassette Store Day 2017

Saturday 14 October 2017 is Cassette Store Day. This annual event was first held in 2013. It’s a wonderful companion to the rather more famous Record Store Day, and allows music lovers to celebrate a highly cherished format. As I love tapes here at The Taper I thought it would be a good idea to join in with the celebrations.

For many of us cassettes form part of wonderful musical memories. Tapes, along with a Walkman, gave us the freedom to hear music wherever we wanted to. There are also many bands who recorded their first demo tapes on cassettes, sending them off to record labels. Cassette Store Day really celebrates how important the format is to music.

cassette store day 2017,uk

That’s some tapes from my collection. Quite a mix of styles, as you can see!

Cassette Store Day – What’s Involved

A number of bands and solo artists are releasing music on cassette exclusively for this day. Everyone involved knows and appreciates just how important tapes are to the world of music.

Of the many releases lined up, one of the most exciting comes from The White Stripes. The band’s first three albums are being released on cassette to mark Cassette Store Day.

There’s also a number of releases from new and unsigned bands. You never know – picking up one of these tapes might mean you get the first recording of the next big band to top the charts!

cassette store day

The above picture is an example of cassette singles, or “cassingles” as they were sometimes called. Usually they had the same track listing as the 7″ single. Once in a while, however, you got a bonus song not available anywhere else. The live track on the Manic Street Preachers single shown here is a good example.

Cassette Store Day – How To Get Involved

There are many stores around the world participating in Cassette Store Day. Events are being held in the UK, the USA, Japan, France and China.

You can find the details of stores involved in the celebrations on the official website.

There’s good news for those unable to get to the stores involved. Many of the releases will be available to buy online.

Cassette Store Day – Why Get Involved?

Taking part in Cassette Store Day is a wonderful way to remember how much you love music. As mentioned earlier, for many of us tapes were the first form of freedom we had to listen to music anywhere we wished. To prove this, here’s a rare picture of me from quite a few years ago!

cassette store day

Yes, that’s really me in a picture from 1981. That’s my first ever Walkman hooked onto my belt. I went everywhere with it. If I had to take a guess I would say the tape on the go is either Queen’s Greatest Hits or an Adam & The Ants album.

These days – like most – I usually use an iPod or mp3 player when listening to music on the go. I do, however, still have a working Walkman, and love listening to tapes on it!

Cassette Store Day is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment and remember this magical musical format. Perhaps you have fond memories of getting some albums on tape, or recording the top ten from the radio. In respect of the latter, it’s amazing how so many of us did this!

Converting Tapes To CD and MP3

One of the most popular services I provide is converting tapes to an easier to play format. Whether it is to CD or mp3, my skills let you hear what’s on your tape collection once again. You can find more details on this page.

The conversion services I offer make it a lot easier for you to hear your favourite tapes again. It’s always a pleasure to be of service in doing this. If you have cassette tapes that you want to hear again, please get in touch through the contact page.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful stories from Cassette Store Day 2017. If you are involved with it all I hope it’s a fantastic day!


Transfer VHS To DVD – Video Singles

Being able to transfer VHS to DVD means that you can watch and enjoy some fantastic memories. Usually when I am called to provide this service it’s to convert home videos from VHS tapes to DVD discs. There are, however, a wide range of videos that people want to have in an easy to watch format. A very interesting example of this is the Video Single.

The idea of a Video Single might seem quite strange to the younger generation of today. In this day and age we have multiple TV channels dedicated to showing music videos, as well as a number of online providers available on the internet. Back in the 80s and early 90s, though, chances of seeing music videos were rare. We only had four TV channels, with shows broadcasting music videos being small in number.

In some cases the record labels released music videos to buy. They tended to be rare and expensive – but for fans of the bands very much worth it!

transfer VHS to DVD

Above are three examples of Video Singles, taken from my collection. Well, mostly – the Prince one is a tape I “borrowed” from my sister! Whilst the covers for them look like they have seen better days I am delighted to say that all three tapes inside still play perfectly. They provide a great example of how, when you use me to transfer VHS to DVD, you can relive fantastic memories.

Transfer VHS To DVD – The Video Single

Video singles first appeared in shops during the mid-80s. At the time more and more money was being spent on promotional videos for songs. This was because great videos were broadcast more frequently. The more a video was shown the higher the record sales were.

Usually video singles copied the format of 7″ vinyl singles. They were ten minutes long and featured two tracks. The first track was the main song released by the artist and the second was some additional material. In most cases the second part was a video not made available to broadcasters, making the video single the only way you could see it. As this means the footage is usually quite rare it makes all the more sense for you to transfer VHS to DVD. Whilst many of the main videos on video singles have been released on DVD it is rare for the second part to have been.

transfer vhs to dvd

Transfer VHS To DVD – Why Are Video Singles Rare?

Video singles were a wonderful way to see your favourite band. They were also quite expensive. A video single would cost anywhere between £4.99 and £7.99, which seemed a lot for 10 minutes of footage. For comparison, a 7″ single would cost either 99p or £1.49, with an album on vinyl or tape costing £4.99.

Buying a video single was then a big decision for anyone’s music budget. You usually had to be a big fan of the act to spend that kind of money on this form of release. Very few people did, which has made the video singles released back then quite rare today.

If you use me to transfer VHS to DVD you can preserve these rare video singles. My services mean you can watch the rare footage on them once and share it with friends, family and fellow fans. I have done this with one of the video singles from my collection.

transfer VHS to DVD

Transfer VHS To DVD – A Video Single Example

Of the three video singles shown I’ve added the Sigue Sigue Sputnik one to The Taper’s You Tube channel. The other two have a BBFC certificate of “15”, which means they are not suitable to add. The one I have uploaded is Exempt from Classification.

transfer VHS to DVD

Hopefully fellow fans of this rather famous 80s band will enjoy seeing the rare footage on the video single!

If you would also like to transfer VHS to DVD then please get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page here on this site. I offer a high quality service for a very competitive price.