Tape To CD – Converting Comedy Classics

Converting tape to CD has been one of my most in demand services of late. It’s fantastic to be able to do this as it lets people once again hear some of their favourite music and other forms of recordings. Due to the popularity of this service I thought it would be interesting to look at another example.

In this example I am going to use another tape from my collection. This is another case of a recording not being made available on CD or as a digital download. Recently I used the quite rare Starstruck soundtrack tape to highlight this kind of situation.  For this example I’m using a rare comedy tape by popular Liverpudlian comedian Alexei Sayle.

tape to CD conversion www.thetaper.co.uk

Tape To CD – The Source

This cassette comes from 1985. It was given away as part of a promotion by Newcastle Breweries. The tape was part of the marketing for a new drink called Newcastle Bright. It was a mixture of lager and ale – one which proved not to be too popular. Happily the comedy sketches created and performed by Alexei Sayle on this tape were!

Alexei Sayle is probably best known for being a regular performer on the cult BBC TV show The Young Ones. He has, however, had a highly successful career in his own right. A great deal of this tape shows exactly why this is true. His observational comedy is celebrated for being sharp and witty. There’s many examples of this on the 20 minute recording.

To be completely honest I do not remember exactly how I came to own this tape. If my memory serves right I believe it was my brother who got it, possibly at a football match. All I know for sure is that I loved it and so kept it safe for all these years.

convert tape to CD www.thetaper.co.uk

Tape To CD – The Quality

When I carried out my tape to CD conversion skills on this cassette I was thrilled to hear that it played perfectly. As with so many of my other tapes it has travelled the world with me.

My research suggests that this recording is unavailable commercially. With this being the case I have decided to add the entire Alexei Sayle performance from it to my You Tube page. Here’s a direct link to the full recording. It’s about 20 minutes long and I sincerely hope you find it as funny as I do!

For those curious side two of the cassette features music. The most notable band on the tape is Prefab Sprout, who enjoyed several hits back in the 80s. As most of the music on that side of the tape is commercially available I cannot add it to my You Tube channel. Here, at the least, is an image of that side of the tape.

convert tape to CD www.thetaper.co.uk

Tape To CD – What I Do For You

It had been a fair few years since I’d played this tape. I was delighted to find how much of it I remembered, and indeed that it still made me laugh.

You may well have a tape like this. Perhaps it’s a favourite comedy performance, or even some music that you really love. It could also be that, like so many recordings, it has not been made available in a modern format such as a CD or digital download. If this is the case then my tape to CD services can help you hear it again.

I believe in providing a high quality service for a very affordable price. You can hear this quality by playing this tape to CD conversion on the link above. If you have tapes that you’d love to hear again please get in touch through the contact page.

As this recording of him seems to be quite rare I do hope all you fellow Alexei Sayle fans enjoy hearing it!


Video To DVD – Relive Live Performances

Most of the work I do with transferring video to DVD involves home movies. In the majority of cases people use my skills to transfer VHS or VHS-C tapes onto a DVD, making it easier to watch them again. From time to time, though, I am asked to do the same for something recorded from television.

There are many cases of shows and events being broadcast on TV but not released to buy. The most common of these are music performances and interviews. I have taken an example of each from my own collection.

video to DVD conversion www.thetaper.co.uk

Video To DVD – Live Interviews and Chat Shows

Chat shows have long been a staple of British television. One of the most dearly loved was Wogan. If I remember right, at its peak the show was on every weekday evening!

The popularity of Wogan meant that many big names were willing to appear. At a time when most homes only had four channels to choose from, being on the show guaranteed a big audience.

One of the most famous people to appear on Wogan was David Bowie. He appeared in 1991 with his band Tin Machine. This was part of promoting a new album and tour.

convert video to DVD www.thetaper.co.uk

That’s a still from my video recording of the appearance. Like a lot of people back then I recorded segments of shows which featured my favourites. As there was no internet or You Tube you couldn’t be sure that they would ever broadcast the footage again!

Speaking of You Tube, I’ve added the above clip to my channel. It features the band performing You Belong In Rock N Roll, as well as the interview. Here’s the direct link to the clip. As you can see, the picture and sound are fantastic – very impressive for a 26 year old tape!

Video To DVD – Concert Performances

In some instances broadcast shows are released for sale but in an edited form. Whilst there are usually good reasons for this it can be frustrating for those who remember how something originally was.

A good example of this is the Freddie Mercury Tribute  Concert, held at Wembley in April 1992. When the concert was released on DVD and Blu Ray several performances from the day were omitted. One of these performances was by the legendary band Spinal Tap

video to DVD transfer www.thetaper.co.uk

Spinal Tap were, as many of you will be aware, a fictional band. They were the stars of a spoof documentary called This Is Spinal Tap. The popularity of the group means that they still perform to this day.

I was one of the many who were disappointed that their performance was omitted from the DVD and Blu Ray release. Happily, however, I found that I had recorded it at the time of original broadcast.

As with the David Bowie appearance on Wogan I’ve added this Spinal Tap performance to my You Tube channel. Here is the link to it.

Unfortunately I am not sure why Spinal Tap were removed from the official release of the concert. Their appearance at the tribute reflected one of the many great qualities of Freddie Mercury – his sense of humour.

convert video to DVD www.thetaper.co.uk

Video To DVD – What I Can Do For You

These are just two of the dozens of video recordings I have kept of my favourites.

Do you have a similar collection, but with no easy way to watch them again? Then get me to convert them to DVD for you!

As long as the tapes are in good condition I provide high quality video to DVD conversions at a competitive price.

If you would like to be able to watch your treasured video tapes again, please get in touch with me through the contact page.

I really hope you enjoy the two videos I’ve added. More importantly, I am really looking forward to converting your videos for you to enjoy!

Mobile Phone Data Recovery

There are many similarities between mobile phone data recovery and the other forms of this service I offer.  In all cases the intent is the same – to bring back memories from deleted or damaged storage systems.

It is the case, however, that there are some differences between recovering data from a phone and an external hard drive. In this article we will look at those differences. We will also see how my services can help you.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery – The Best Approach

The best approach to take with the photos and videos on your phone is to make regular back ups. If you are an Android user it is quite easy to set your phone to automatically back up to the linked Google Drive account. Apple iPhone users can set up an iCloud back up system with similar ease.

mobile phone data recovery www.thetaper.co.uk

Quite a few people don’t like the idea of cloud storage for phone back ups. This is understandable as there have been several high profile cases of such storage systems being attacked by hackers. My personal preference is to back up my phone to my computer.

With respect to how often you should back up the files on your mobile phone this is something which is up to you. Once a month would be a good average to try for. That said, if you have taken some important or precious photographs with your  phone it’s always going to be best to back them up as soon as possible.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery – When Back Ups Fail

Accidents happen. Even people who regularly back up their mobile phones can find files get deleted in error. Sometimes the memory card in a phone gets damaged and cannot be read correctly. This is where my services can help.

In respect of the latter I recently shared a case study about recovering data from a damaged drive. The same principles apply here.

For the purposes of this article I’ve used some of my own devices for examples. I took an old BlackBerry handset and a 4th generation iPhone to run data recovery on.

Let’s start with a look at the 2GB Micro SD card which was in my BlackBerry handset.

micro sd data recovery www.thetaper.co.uk

The results, as you can see, are quite incredible. As was the case with this example it’s possible to extract virtually all previously deleted files from a memory card. Despite the capacity of the Micro SD card being stated as 2GB I was able to recover more than 14GB of previously lost or deleted files.

A Micro SD card from a BlackBerry was used in this example.  The same results are achieved with one used in an Android or Windows based mobile phone. As many of you will know, there is of course one very popular phone which does not use any form of removable storage.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery – A Note On iPhones

Many of you will be aware that a key feature of Apple mobile phones is the security they offer. There are several cases, such as this one, of iPhones proving to be difficult to recover data from.

It is important to note that such problems occur only when anyone but the legal owner of an iPhone attempts to recover data If it is your device and you have the security access codes then yes, you can recover data from it.

iphone data recovery www.thetaper.co.uk

The above shows a very basic data recovery process I ran on the one model of an iPhone.  As you can see in the information provided it is possible to recover previously deleted files from your iPhone handset.

Please note that I cannot offer mobile phone data recovery services for locked iPhones. If you do not have the security code or PIN for your handset then you need to contact Apple for assistance.

Do You Need Mobile Phone Data Recovery? Get In Touch!

Here at The Taper my aim is to help people. That’s why I offer affordable and reliable services.

The single most important thing you’re looking for in mobile phone data recovery services is discretion. I take pride in offering a strictly private and confidential service. All data recovery work takes place offline. No copies of your recovered files are kept beyond the time you confirm that they are in working order.

Please get in touch through the contact page. I’m looking forward to being able to help you!

Creative Ideas For Scanning Negatives And Slides

Using my services for scanning negatives and slides lets you see pictures you might not have seen for a while. It is fantastic to be able see these memories again. This is not, however, the only thing you can do with what I do.

There are many wonderful things you can do with the images I create. The majority of these are both affordable and easy to access.

If you’re looking for some inspiration as to what to do with your images here are a few fantastic ideas!

scanning negatives and slides www.thetaper.co.uk

Share them

The scanned images I produce for you can be viewed on a computer and via most DVD players. You can send them from a computer to friends and family around the world.

I scan photos, negatives and slides at the highest definition quality possible. This means that rather large file sizes are created. These can, however, be reduced to make it easier to send them via email. I will happily produce reduced file size copies too if you wish to mail them. Just let me know!

You can also upload the images to social media and sharing platforms. Services such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are fantastic for sharing images and the memories associated with them.

Print them

In this day and age there are many creative things you can do with digital images. Printing them to put them on display is just one.

There are many shops and online services which can create wonderful gifts with digital images. Your pictures can be printed on things like keyrings, mugs, cushion covers and calendars.

Many people like to do this with old images of family and friends. They make wonderful gifts, especially for important birthdays and anniversaries.

Sell them

This idea is usually related to images and slides of scenery and famous landmarks.

People are always looking for images to use in publications or on their website. Many choose to licence images from the rights holders for this purpose. If you took the image or are the legal owner of the negatives and slides featuring this then you can sell or licence the image.

Several websites allow users to licence their images to others. If you have many images yourself then you should also consider setting up your own site to do this. It can prove to be a very successful cottage industry for you to have!

www.thetaper.co.uk scanning negatives and slides

These are just three great ideas for what to do after you have used me for scanning negatives and slides. It’s very possible that you have a definite idea that is not on this list.

I offer a high quality, low cost service for scanning negatives and slides. It would be my pleasure to do this work for you, allowing you to use the images as you want. If you’re ready to start bringing back your memories, please contact me.




Preserving Rare VHS Tapes

Did you know that about half of the films released on VHS tapes haven’t been issued on DVD, Blu Ray or as a digital download? There are a number of reasons why this is the case. Ultimately what it means, however, is that there are a number of very rare VHS tapes in the world. Using my services to convert them to DVD is a secure way of preserving them.

In this article we will look at the reasons why there are a number of rare VHS tapes around. Many of them are of a high value – both financially and sentimentally. As usual, I am going to use an example from my own collection to illustrate.

rare VHS starstruck 1982 www.thetaper.co.uk

That’s my VHS copy of the film Starstruck. It’s an ex-rental copy from Australia and was bought in 1983. As you can see the VHS box for it has seen better days! This tape has had quite a history, though. Other than being played hundreds of times, it’s moved with me between Australia, England and South Africa over the last 30 or so years.

Why do we have rare VHS tapes?

Many people are surprised by how many films, documentaries and music videos are available only on rare VHS tapes. In this day and age we know that producing DVDs, Blu Rays and digital downloads is a lot cheaper than manufacturing video cassettes.

The main reason for so many VHS (and indeed Betamax) releases not making it to new formats is money. Whilst producing the discs or downloads is low cost, studios and rights holders would have other expenses. These include digitally remastering the footage for a digital release as well as paying royalties to those involved in the production. Releasing some films in a new format is simply not economically viable.

In respect of my example, Starstruck did get a DVD release. This, however, was a very limited one, with the film being made available in this format in the USA only. As a lover of the film, I of course purchased this at great expense!

Starstruck DVD rare VHS www.thetaper.co.uk

When I got the DVD version I discovered something very interesting. I had no idea that the VHS copy was edited. The changes were made to fit the film onto a shorter, cheaper length VHS. One of the biggest surprises for me to find was an entire musical number – It’s Not Enough – had been removed from the VHS release from the original theatrical version.

Another reason for rare VHS tapes not being available in other formats is when the rights to the film end up in a “legal limbo”. Over the years a number of film and video distribution companies have ceased to exits. In some cases this means that no one is sure who has the legal right to claim ownership or release a number of films, documentary and music videos.

Are rare VHS tapes valuable?

The short answer is yes. This, however, is normally in terms of sentimental value rather than financial. Although there are some high profile examples of rare VHS tapes selling for values over £1,000, usually the value of them is around the same you would expect to pay for a new DVD or Blu Ray disc.

Sentimental value is, however, one you can rarely put a price on. I dearly love my rare VHS copy of Starstruck and would not part with it for the world, despite the monetary value being relatively low.

Any video you have which is dear to you is of value. It’s always wonderful when I can help someone in bringing back their memories by converting their dearly loved VHS tapes to DVD.

rare VHS startstruck video cassette www.thetaper.co.uk

Do rare VHS tapes  converted to DVD come out in good quality?

This is an important and understandable question. The answer, however, varies for each and every tape. In terms of the work I do in converting VHS to DVD, I make the best possible quality conversion, but that is limited to how good the condition of the cassette is.

In respect of the example used here, this video has experienced substantial use and has travelled far. As I did all I could to look after the tape the quality has held up remarkably well. I have added some examples of my VHS to DVD conversion of this Starstruck video to The Taper’s You Tube channel  . Here you can see the the opening video logo for Australian Video, as well as a version of it which includes Star Video.

I have not added any scenes from the film to the You Tube channel. This leads to the last, perhaps most important, question you may have.

Is it legal to transfer rare VHS tapes to DVD?

UK copyright law states that you must obtain the permission of the copyright holder before you copy or transfer any copyrighted material from one format to another. To the letter of the law the answer, then, is no. In practical terms, however, the intention has significant bearing.

A good comparison to make is music CDs. Did you know that, in respect of the above, it is not legal to make copies of the CDs you own to either make discs for your car or play on an mp3 player? There are, however, millions of people who do this. Record companies have always been reluctant to enforce this law, as ultimately it is consumers choosing to listen to music they have legally bought in a different way. They would rather – understandably – pursue those who copy CDs to sell, or make them available for download from the internet.

The same is true of converting rare VHS tapes to DVD. If your intention is to simply watch the video in an easier to access format then it is unlikely any possible legal recourse would even be considered, let alone taken. Should the intention be to convert to sell or distribute, however, then it is highly likely legal action would be taken.

In respect of the work I do, for the most part I am asked to transfer home movies to DVD. When someone asks me to convert an original VHS tape to DVD I do so on the condition that they agree it is being made for the exclusive, personal use of my client. Further, I always investigate the title. Should the film be available on DVD or as a digital download then I direct my client to this and decline to accept the work.

Bringing back your memories

Yes, it is strange that someone would turn down business! I do, however, wish to ensure that both me and my clients stay within both the law and the general understanding of its application when it comes to copyright.

If you have a rare VHS tape that you want converted to DVD then please get in touch with me. I will gladly help you check if the title is indeed available on either DVD, Blu Ray or as a digital download. Should it not be, I will be of service, mindful of the above comments.

Should you, like me, be a fan of the film Starstruck  then you might like this article about the soundtrack album.


Can You Really Recover Deleted Data?

The short answer to whether or not you can recover deleted data from a memory card, USB flash drive or external hard drive is yes. Due to the way one “deletes” files on computer hardware in most cases it’s entirely possible to recover and restore files. This is a very useful service I offer, as the accidental deletion of files happens quite often.

In this article I’m going to look at why it’s possible to recovered deleted files. There are a couple of examples I have to illustrate this. You may be quite surprised to see just how much data can be recovered from your device or media. Pleasantly surprised, I trust!

To give the best examples possible I bought two small second hand memory card devices. The first of these was a 4GB SD card, the type most commonly used in digital cameras. Here’s the card, what the computer says is on the card as-is and the amount of files and data which could be recovered.

recover deleted data from SD card www.thetaper.co.uk

A rather incredible 285% of the stated capacity of this SD card could be extracted in files.

Why is it possible to recover deleted data?


How is this possible if the files have been deleted and the memory card has been formatted? In broad terms it’s because the files are not truly deleted. Usually what happens when you delete a file on a computer is that the computer sees the storage space as being OK to overwrite. Whilst new data is added, the old data has not gone forever.

Virtually everyone has, at some point, deleted something from a computer or memory storage device in error. It could be important files, photographs or videos. If this has happened to you, don’t panic – as you can see there is help available.

For my second example I used a less standard style of memory storage. I picked up a 1GB Memory Stick Duo card. These are most commonly used in Sony products, in particular their digital cameras and PSP video game devices.

recover deleted data Memory Stick www.thetaper.co.uk

Once again it was the case that I could recover considerably more data than the stated capacity of the device.

For those of you who remember the days of VHS this will be wonderful. I am sure you can remember accidentally recording over a video that you shouldn’t have! If you could have recovered a video recording back then it would have saved a great deal of heartache and disappointment!

If you have accidentally deleted some files such as important documents or family photos then they are not necessarily lost forever. I would be delighted to use my skills and services to help. Please look at the data recovery section of this website. Another example of my skills in being able to recover deleted data can be found here.

My private, confidential and professional services are made as affordable as possible. If you need help to recover deleted data please contact me.

Converting Tapes To A Digital Format – Musical Memories

There are two primary reasons why people contact me for converting tapes to a digital format. One is to preserve a personal recording they have made themselves. The other is because the tape being converted hasn’t been officially made available in a digital format.

In this post we are going to look at the latter case. To illustrate with an example I’m going to use one of my all time favourite albums – the soundtrack for the 1982 Australian film Starstruck.

converting tapes to a digital format www.thetaper.co.uk

This film has always been one of my favourites and has something of a cult following around the world. Sadly, mostly due to it not being a huge success on initial release, it’s difficult to find merchandise related to the film. The film itself is only available as a Zone 1 DVD from America. Its soundtrack was released on vinyl and tape in 1983, and was only ever available in Australia, Canada and the USA.

When Your Favourite Album Isn’t Available On CD


Despite a number of very famous musicians appearing on the soundtrack – in particular Neil Finn of Crowded House fame – the recording has not to date been released as either a CD or digital download. Needless to say I’ve had to be very careful with my tape copy of the soundtrack over the years as it would not be easy to replace!

In order to protect my copy I’ve used my skills in converting tapes to a digital format. Rather than risk damage to the tape I’ve made a copy of it on CD, and in the mp3 format to play on my iPod.

converting tapes to a digital format www.thetaper.co.uk

The tape, which is some 34 years old and had travelled with me to at least three continents, remains in good condition. The quality of the sound recording remains superb. This allowed me to make a very good transfer of it.

You can hear some of the conversion yourself. I’ve added a conversion of the opening track, Starstruck Overture by The Swingers, to my You Tube channel.

Starstruck is just one of many albums not to have been officially released in a digital format. This can mean that you’re unable to enjoy some of your favourite music these days. I can assist with my services in converting tapes to a digital format.

For more information on this service please visit the page for converting tapes to digital. If you’d love to hear a favourite tape in a digital format then please get in touch so I can help you with bringing back your memories!


Data Recovery – A Case Study

I have recently added data recovery to the services I provide in bringing back your memories. This came about after a request from one client. They contacted me in some distress, fearing that many precious pictures had been lost forever.

The ability to store hundreds of thousands of images, videos and other files on small portable hard drives is incredible. A down side to this, however, is that you run the risk of losing them all when something goes wrong. This is exactly what a client of mine was very worried about being the case.

When they attached their drive to a computer this is an image of what came up on the monitor.

data recovery external hard drive www.thetaper.co.uk

As the drive contained the only copy of pictures from family events such as weddings and birthday parties they were understandably highly distressed. They contacted me to see if I could help them. I arranged for them to get the drive to me so that I could run my data recovery software on it.

The Data Recovery Process

My first action was to try and assess the damage. Running the Check Disk (chkdsk) command showed that there were many bad sectors, but also indicated that the drive could be repaired and accessed.

With the above being the case I connected the drive to a TV set. The majority of modern televisions and Blu Ray players have USB ports which you can connect devices to. This lets you see images and play certain types of video file directly on the television set.

My client was delighted – and very relieved – when I confirmed that the images on the drive came up fine when I did this.

image from hard drive data recovery www.thetaper.co.uk

Being able to view the images this way was not a complete solution. As the drive could not be accessed via a computer there was every chance that it could fail completely sooner rather than later. With this being the case it was important to carry out a full data recovery service.

The short version is that the data recovery I carried out was a success. If it’s possible to say so it was successful beyond 100%. This is because I was able to recover a large number of previously deleted files too. I will look at recovering erased or accidentally deleted files in a later article.

In total just over 300GB of data was recovered from the drive.

How Long Does Data Recovery Take?

Recovering data from a drive or SD card is very time consuming. It’s also very resource heavy, as you need to leave the computer to run the software alone.

The time it takes to recover data from a drive depends on factors such as –

The size of the drive

How badly damaged the drive is

The number of files on the drive

How many deleted or erased files are detected

Sometimes recovery of files can be completed within an hour. In other cases it can take several days.

data recovery from external hard drive www.thetaper.co.uk

In this instance the data recovery process took four days. This time includes testing the drive, running the recovery software and transferring the files to a new storage facility. At the request of my client some of the files were transferred to their cloud storage, with the majority being moved to a new external hard drive.

I would like to offer my thanks to my client for allowing me to share some of the details of this case here. They were happy for me to do so in order to help others, so long as I kept the majority of their details private and confidential.

So far I have successfully carried out data recovery services on a number of storage devices. This incudes external hard drives, SD cards, memory sticks and USB flash drives. For more information please look at the data recovery page on this site.

If you have a similar problem to the one experienced by my client then please don’t panic. The images, videos and files are not necessarily  lost forever. My services are here to help, offering a high ratio of recovery success for a low, competitive price. Please get in touch and let me do what I do best – helping in bringing back your memories!


VHS to DVD – Forgotten Memories Found

A customer recently contacted me about arranging a VHS to DVD conversion. What made this particular request interesting was that they were unsure as to what exactly was on the tape. There was no label on it and they had no recollection of what it might be. I assured them that this was far from unusual, and promised to tell them what was on the tape before I converted it.

It turned out to be very fortunate indeed that they had the VHS tape checked. When I ran it to check I was delighted to discover that it was a 3D baby scan video from around 12 years ago.

3D baby scan VHS to DVD conversion www.thetaper.co.uk

3D baby scans – sometimes called “ultrasound scans or 4D scans – are priceless memories of a baby before they’re born. They give a glimpse of what the child will look like – and let you know the gender if you wish. Another feature, which we will look at later, is the ability to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

My customer was delighted to learn that this 3D baby scan was on the video. They of course requested that I go ahead with the VHS to DVD conversion of it, enabling them to watch it again. It was a pleasure to do, and they are looking forward to showing it to the “baby” featured!

3D baby scan heartbeat image www.thetaper.co.uk

Earlier I mentioned that these 3D baby scans allow you to hear the baby too. The above is an image from that stage of the video. You can see and hear this part of the video on my You Tube channel. Here’s a direct link to the above video. Further samples can be found on my main You Tube page.

My customer was delighted with the way the conversion came out. They insisted that I put some samples of the work here for the benefit of others looking to have this work done.

For more information about my VHS to DVD conversion work please look at this page. If you’re ready to have me bring back your memories, please get in touch via the contact page.

It was fantastic to be of such great service to this customer. I am looking forward to doing being the same for you soon!


Converting Tapes to Digital Formats – Hearing Memories

Converting tapes to digital formats is one of the many services I offer here on The Taper. It would be fair to say that it is not the one most think of straight away when looking at my services. This work does, however, often allow one the opportunity to bring back and relive some wonderful memories.

Audio cassette tapes made an amazing change to life in the 1970s and 1980s. They provided a relatively cheap and very easy way for you to be able to listen to music of your choice anywhere. It was also possible to make your own recordings, whether through a microphone or from a source such as the radio.

Tapes were also cheaper to produce than vinyl albums, or the then new and expensive compact discs. This meant that some recordings were only ever made available on audio cassettes.

convert tapes to digital tony peers redcoat show www.thetaper.co.uk

Tony Peers and the Redcoat Show

This tape is another wonderful example of the memorabilia you could take away from your holidays at Butlins. Last month we looked at the photo viewer the famous holiday camp issued.  As was the case then, a family member had asked me to carry out a conversion of this tape to digital.

Many of you will fondly remember the entertainment put on at Butlins holiday camps by the Redcoats. The variety shows they did entertained all guests, and were lovingly paid tribute to by the Yellowcoats in the popular TV series Hi-De-Hi!. Guests were able to purchase copies of this cassette, enabling them to enjoy the songs and comedy routines of the entertainers long after their holiday had finished.

convert tapes to digital www.thetaper.co.uk

Tape Quality and conversion

This cassette was made in 1985, making in 32 years old. It was wonderful to put the tape in to play and hear that it hadn’t been damaged too much by age. The show was recorded “live” during one performance at a Butlins holiday camp. Much of the wonderful atmosphere of the entertainment is captured on the tape.

I have added some samples of this tape conversion to my You Tube page for The Taper. This will give you a very good idea of what quality you can expect when converting tapes to digital. There are also some examples from a tape recording of a Mary Hopkin radio interview from 1976 which I recently converted.

Hopefully this article has brought back some wonderful memories for you, and given you an idea of the quality to expect when converting tapes to digital formats. If you’re looking to have some tapes transferred to a digital format or any of the other services I provide, please remember to get in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!