Can You Really Recover Deleted Data?

The short answer to whether or not you can recover deleted data from a memory card, USB flash drive or external hard drive is yes. Due to the way one “deletes” files on computer hardware in most cases it’s entirely possible to recover and restore files. This is a very useful service I offer, as the accidental deletion of files happens quite often.

In this article I’m going to look at why it’s possible to recovered deleted files. There are a couple of examples I have to illustrate this. You may be quite surprised to see just how much data can be recovered from your device or media. Pleasantly surprised, I trust!

To give the best examples possible I bought two small second hand memory card devices. The first of these was a 4GB SD card, the type most commonly used in digital cameras. Here’s the card, what the computer says is on the card as-is and the amount of files and data which could be recovered.

recover deleted data from SD card

A rather incredible 285% of the stated capacity of this SD card could be extracted in files.

Why is it possible to recover deleted data?


How is this possible if the files have been deleted and the memory card has been formatted? In broad terms it’s because the files are not truly deleted. Usually what happens when you delete a file on a computer is that the computer sees the storage space as being OK to overwrite. Whilst new data is added, the old data has not gone forever.

Virtually everyone has, at some point, deleted something from a computer or memory storage device in error. It could be important files, photographs or videos. If this has happened to you, don’t panic – as you can see there is help available.

For my second example I used a less standard style of memory storage. I picked up a 1GB Memory Stick Duo card. These are most commonly used in Sony products, in particular their digital cameras and PSP video game devices.

recover deleted data Memory Stick

Once again it was the case that I could recover considerably more data than the stated capacity of the device.

For those of you who remember the days of VHS this will be wonderful. I am sure you can remember accidentally recording over a video that you shouldn’t have! If you could have recovered a video recording back then it would have saved a great deal of heartache and disappointment!

If you have accidentally deleted some files such as important documents or family photos then they are not necessarily lost forever. I would be delighted to use my skills and services to help. Please look at the data recovery section of this website. Another example of my skills in being able to recover deleted data can be found here.

My private, confidential and professional services are made as affordable as possible. If you need help to recover deleted data please contact me.

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