Cassette Store Day 2017

Saturday 14 October 2017 is Cassette Store Day. This annual event was first held in 2013. It’s a wonderful companion to the rather more famous Record Store Day, and allows music lovers to celebrate a highly cherished format. As I love tapes here at The Taper I thought it would be a good idea to join in with the celebrations.

For many of us cassettes form part of wonderful musical memories. Tapes, along with a Walkman, gave us the freedom to hear music wherever we wanted to. There are also many bands who recorded their first demo tapes on cassettes, sending them off to record labels. Cassette Store Day really celebrates how important the format is to music.

cassette store day 2017,uk

That’s some tapes from my collection. Quite a mix of styles, as you can see!

Cassette Store Day – What’s Involved

A number of bands and solo artists are releasing music on cassette exclusively for this day. Everyone involved knows and appreciates just how important tapes are to the world of music.

Of the many releases lined up, one of the most exciting comes from The White Stripes. The band’s first three albums are being released on cassette to mark Cassette Store Day.

There’s also a number of releases from new and unsigned bands. You never know – picking up one of these tapes might mean you get the first recording of the next big band to top the charts!

cassette store day

The above picture is an example of cassette singles, or “cassingles” as they were sometimes called. Usually they had the same track listing as the 7″ single. Once in a while, however, you got a bonus song not available anywhere else. The live track on the Manic Street Preachers single shown here is a good example.

Cassette Store Day – How To Get Involved

There are many stores around the world participating in Cassette Store Day. Events are being held in the UK, the USA, Japan, France and China.

You can find the details of stores involved in the celebrations on the official website.

There’s good news for those unable to get to the stores involved. Many of the releases will be available to buy online.

Cassette Store Day – Why Get Involved?

Taking part in Cassette Store Day is a wonderful way to remember how much you love music. As mentioned earlier, for many of us tapes were the first form of freedom we had to listen to music anywhere we wished. To prove this, here’s a rare picture of me from quite a few years ago!

cassette store day

Yes, that’s really me in a picture from 1981. That’s my first ever Walkman hooked onto my belt. I went everywhere with it. If I had to take a guess I would say the tape on the go is either Queen’s Greatest Hits or an Adam & The Ants album.

These days – like most – I usually use an iPod or mp3 player when listening to music on the go. I do, however, still have a working Walkman, and love listening to tapes on it!

Cassette Store Day is a wonderful opportunity to take a moment and remember this magical musical format. Perhaps you have fond memories of getting some albums on tape, or recording the top ten from the radio. In respect of the latter, it’s amazing how so many of us did this!

Converting Tapes To CD and MP3

One of the most popular services I provide is converting tapes to an easier to play format. Whether it is to CD or mp3, my skills let you hear what’s on your tape collection once again. You can find more details on this page.

The conversion services I offer make it a lot easier for you to hear your favourite tapes again. It’s always a pleasure to be of service in doing this. If you have cassette tapes that you want to hear again, please get in touch through the contact page.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful stories from Cassette Store Day 2017. If you are involved with it all I hope it’s a fantastic day!


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