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One of the most popular services I offer is to convert tape to mp3. There are many people who have kept tapes over the years but don’t have the means to play them. My work makes it much easier for you to hear those recordings again on modern audio equipment. I take pride in delivering high quality conversions for the most competitive price possible.

I have converted a number of different recordings over the last few weeks. Some customers have contacted me to transfer audio books to mp3. There’s also been one or two albums I’ve done, ones which have not been issued on CD or as a digital download. In this article I’m going to look at another type of tape – radio recordings.

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Convert Tape To MP3 – Radio Recordings

Making a tape recording from the radio might seem a little strange in this day and age. For the last ten or so years it’s been the case that most radio broadcasts are made available for download, or as a podcast. This wasn’t always the case. Before we had the internet the only way to keep a radio broadcast of interest was to have a blank tape at the ready. I am one of the many people who did this.

The most common request for my convert tape to mp3 services relates to radio interviews. In the pictures with this article you can see two examples of this from my own collection.

Radio interviews was one of the most common forms of promotion used for many years. It used to be easier to arrange a radio interview for a musician, author or actor than it was a television one. Good promotion of an appearance on the radio also meant that the target audience was reached. As you might expect – and as shown in my examples here – for the most part it was musicians who appeared on the radio for interviews. This was normally to promote a new album or upcoming tour.

Convert Tape To MP3 – Why Keep Radio Recordings?

Some might say that once you’ve heard an interview you would not need to hear it again. For fans of specific groups or artists this is not really the case. If an interview has been particularly interesting, entertaining and enjoyable it’s likely that you would want to listen again. This is why I have kept a number of them over the years.

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I’ve used my convert tape to mp3 services on the two tapes you can see pictured here. They appear on the You Tube channel for The Taper. I have done this so you can get an idea of the sound quality my services deliver.

Here are the direct links for the two interviews –

Tin Machine – Radio 1, 13 August 1991

Ian Brown – Key Radio 103, 8 February 1998

For examples of how older recordings come out when using my convert tape to mp3 services there’s also an interview with Mary Hopkin, recorded on 1 March 1976. Here’s the link to part one of that interview.

Convert Tape To MP3 – What I Do For You

In the above examples I have removed most,  if not all, of the songs. This has been done for time considerations. When you use me to convert tape to mp3 I make sure the complete recordings on the cassettes are converted.

I convert your tapes to the format you will find most useful. Some people prefer them to be converted to CD, whereas others want them as mp3 files. I am happy to do either, and indeed I will do both if that is preferable.

For more information on my convert tape to mp3 services please visit this section of my website. If you’re ready for me to do this work for you then please get in touch via the contact page.

I’ve had the pleasure of doing this work for people across the UK. I am looking forward to being of service to you in bringing back your memories!


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