Convert Tapes To CD


If you convert tapes to CD it makes them a lot easier to play.

Have you got tapes lying around that you don’t want to part with, but can’t easily play?  Perhaps you have fond memories of what’s on them, or maybe no clue as to what they feature. I can convert them to a format that can let you listen to them once again with ease!

convert tapes to cd

Using the best audio and computer equipment available, I can transfer your cassettes to a digital recording. From there, I can either make them into Audio CDs for you, or turn them into mp3 files.

My conversion work runs in real time. This means is that the quality of the transfer is monitored at all times. This is often overlooked when people use high speed dubbing to carry out conversions and transfers.

Whether your audio recording is of a party, wedding or another special event you’re sure to want to hear it again. You might also be sat with tapes from friends and family from around the world. Back before calling overseas became so cheap and affordable many people exchanged tapes of them talking rather than just sending a letter.

There’s also the fact that not every album, audio book or piece of music originally released on tape has made it over to a digital format like CD. If you have a purchased tape that you can’t find in the form of a download or CD then I can be of service.

If you have cassette tapes that you want to hear again, get in touch. I can transfer any length of tape to the format which will be the easiest for you to play once again. Having me convert your tapes to CD will let you bring back all sorts of memories!

You can hear some samples of tapes converted to digital formats on the You Tube Page for The Taper. Please follow this link to have a listen!

Are you ready to hear what’s on those cassettes again? Contact me and let’s get on with having me convert tapes to CD!