Convert VHS to DVD



Are you looking to convert VHS to DVD? Then I am glad you have found me! I’m here to bring back your memories in a way that’s easy to see them once again.

The end of an era came in 2016 when the last manufacturer of VHS players ceased production. Many people will find it remarkable that they were still being made so recently.  DVDs, Blu-Rays, Streaming and Downloads are the popular formats of today. Believe it or not, demand still existed for VHS players, with some 750,000 machines being sold worldwide in 2015.

One of the reasons for this demand is that many of us have things on VHS tapes that we want to keep forever. Lots of people have home videos of special events – weddings, christenings, parties, holidays and other memorable times – which we can’t watch with any ease.

convert vhs to dvd

You can use me to make it easier to be able to watch your videos once again.


I use standalone equipment to make a DVD copy of your VHS or VHS-C (video camera) tape. This means that what’s on the tape is what comes on the disc. There’s no “digitisation” or compression, just a copy of your video that’s a lot easier to play in this day and age.

My equipment can only handle PAL video tapes. If you are not sure what that means, the short version is that PAL is the format used in the UK. Tapes from  South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe are also PAL. If your video was recorded in one of these locations then I can change it to a DVD for you.

The best results always come from converting Standard Play (SP) tapes. Long Play (LP) recordings were useful at the time, as you could get 6 hours onto one 3 hour tape. The problem was that it was half the quality. If you have tapes that are in LP format, or if you’re not sure, it’s best to get the quality checked before going ahead with my services. I can test the tapes for you.

I have set up a You Tube page for this service. Samples from videos from my own collection will be added from time to time so that you can see the quality. Please click here to visit the page.

When complete, the DVD of your home videos will be Zone Free. This means that the disc can be played on virtually any computer with a DVD drive, DVD Player or Blu-Ray player anywhere in the world.

Bring back those memories – let my skills and talents enable you to watch those previous videos once again!

It’s time to watch those precious memories again. Please contact me and let’s get those video tapes converted to DVD!