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I’ve been kept quite busy lately with my converting cassettes to mp3 service. This is one of the most popular forms of work I do in bringing back your memories. It’s always great to hear from people who have kept hold of tapes, and wonderful to be able to help.

There’s been a wide and diverse range of tapes I’ve converted for people. I’ve had the pleasure to work with everything from audio books to personal, family recordings. With this being the case I thought you might enjoy looking at another example of converting cassettes to mp3. To do this I’ve used another tape from my own collection.

converting cassettes to mp3

Converting Cassettes To MP3 – Free Tapes

The above image shows some of my collection of “free” tapes. These were given away with a number of different magazines. In the late 1980s, and throughout most of the 1990s, this tended to be a very popular approach to promotion and advertising.

It is of course a bit misleading to say that the tapes were “free”. You were expected to buy the magazine in order to get it. The money spent was normally worth it, though, as more often than not the tapes contained unique material. Sometimes the cassettes featured rare or previously unreleased material from bands and artists, whilst others featured comedy sketches and radio broadcasts.

You have to remember that this was all before the internet was being used as widely as it is today. With no online communities of fan forums or digital downloads available these free tapes were often the only way to hear something. It’s mostly because of the unique content that many people have held on to the cassettes – despite no longer owning a tape deck.

Free tapes weren’t given away due to the generosity of the magazines, of course. A free cassette included often gave them considerably more sales than usual. In many cases the cassettes were sponsored, with advertisers seeing this as the perfect way to promote their products for sale.

converting cassettes to mp3

Converting Cassettes To MP3 – An Example

In this instance it might be best to say that “hearing is better than seeing”. To give a better example of the unique content which appeared on these free cassettes I’ve added an example to my You Tube channel. I’ve added side one of the This Is Radio Goal tape which came free with an edition of Goal magazine during 1995. Here’s the direct link to the upload.

The tape is very interesting listening for all football fans. It’s presented by Sir Trevor Brooking, and presents highlights of classic commentary moments first broadcast by the BBC. Hopefully you enjoy hearing it. It might be that some of the commentary which features on the tape brings back some great memories for you!

converting cassettes to mp3

Converting Cassettes To MP3 – What I Do For You

If you, like me, have kept hold of some of these cassettes over the years it’s likely you did so because you really enjoyed them. Wouldn’t it be great to hear them once again? This is where my services can help you!

My converting cassettes to mp3 services give you high quality work for a low, competitive cost. I am delighted to have had some really great reviews for doing this. It would be a pleasure to be able to do the same work for you.

If you have audio cassettes that you wish to hear again please get in touch. You can reach me through the details on the contact page. Whether you want to have your tapes made into mp3 files or CDs I will always deliver what you want. I’m always happy to discuss the pricing too!


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