Converting Negatives To Digital Images

Every now and then converting negatives to digital images poses a bit of a challenge . This usually happens when the original negative has been changed or altered for a specific use or purpose. An example of this is the trimmed negatives used in holiday photo viewers.

Butlins holiday photo viewer

The above is a Butlins holiday photo viewer keyring. These were very popular item amongst guests at the famous Butlins holiday resorts. I am uncertain of the complete history, but I believe they were available from the mid 1960s right through to the early 1980s.

In respect of what it actually is this is a case of something really “doing what it says on the box”. A Butlins Red Coat would take your picture – usually in the dining area – with a 110 film camera.

Whilst these are very nice mementos from holidays they do make it so that only one person at a time can see the photo. The plastic casing is quite sturdy, but the viewing lens was prone to cracking or falling out. That last point is the problem with this one.

opened holiday photo viewer

In most cases it’s usually quite easy to pop open the negative housing section of the photo viewer. The majority of photo viewers are quite easy to open and close, meaning that the casing remains in good condition. This is important as it allows for continued use.

converting negatives to digital images

The above is a comparison of a standard 35mm slide to the negative from the holiday photo viewer. It is quite a lot smaller as you can see, but you can still create an excellent digital image from it.

Sadly the holiday photo viewer had been stored in a way that didn’t keep it in perfect condition. This was easy to address, however, as I was able to clean up the negative before converting it.

With a little bit of time, skill and patience I was able to create a digital image from this smaller than usual negative.

To help with easy browsing I’ve reduced the size and quality of the image created. Despite this I hope you agree that the image comes out very clearly. It’s wonderful to see it in such a clearer and larger format!

In respect of who you are looking at, that’s my late Granddad Stanley. I can assure you he was always smiling, just like in the picture. He loved spending time with his family, just as we loved the time with him.

If you’re looking to get someone to carry out converting negatives to digital images for you please get in touch. I can help with all forms of negatives. I’m looking forward to being of service to you!


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