Converting Tapes To A Digital Format – Musical Memories

There are two primary reasons why people contact me for converting tapes to a digital format. One is to preserve a personal recording they have made themselves. The other is because the tape being converted hasn’t been officially made available in a digital format.

In this post we are going to look at the latter case. To illustrate with an example I’m going to use one of my all time favourite albums – the soundtrack for the 1982 Australian film Starstruck.

converting tapes to a digital format

This film has always been one of my favourites and has something of a cult following around the world. Sadly, mostly due to it not being a huge success on initial release, it’s difficult to find merchandise related to the film. The film itself is only available as a Zone 1 DVD from America. Its soundtrack was released on vinyl and tape in 1983, and was only ever available in Australia, Canada and the USA.

When Your Favourite Album Isn’t Available On CD


Despite a number of very famous musicians appearing on the soundtrack – in particular Neil Finn of Crowded House fame – the recording has not to date been released as either a CD or digital download. Needless to say I’ve had to be very careful with my tape copy of the soundtrack over the years as it would not be easy to replace!

In order to protect my copy I’ve used my skills in converting tapes to a digital format. Rather than risk damage to the tape I’ve made a copy of it on CD, and in the mp3 format to play on my iPod.

converting tapes to a digital format

The tape, which is some 34 years old and had travelled with me to at least three continents, remains in good condition. The quality of the sound recording remains superb. This allowed me to make a very good transfer of it.

You can hear some of the conversion yourself. I’ve added a conversion of the opening track, Starstruck Overture by The Swingers, to my You Tube channel.

Starstruck is just one of many albums not to have been officially released in a digital format. This can mean that you’re unable to enjoy some of your favourite music these days. I can assist with my services in converting tapes to a digital format.

For more information on this service please visit the page for converting tapes to digital. If you’d love to hear a favourite tape in a digital format then please get in touch so I can help you with bringing back your memories!


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