Converting Tapes to Digital Formats – Hearing Memories

Converting tapes to digital formats is one of the many services I offer here on The Taper. It would be fair to say that it is not the one most think of straight away when looking at my services. This work does, however, often allow one the opportunity to bring back and relive some wonderful memories.

Audio cassette tapes made an amazing change to life in the 1970s and 1980s. They provided a relatively cheap and very easy way for you to be able to listen to music of your choice anywhere. It was also possible to make your own recordings, whether through a microphone or from a source such as the radio.

Tapes were also cheaper to produce than vinyl albums, or the then new and expensive compact discs. This meant that some recordings were only ever made available on audio cassettes.

convert tapes to digital tony peers redcoat show

Tony Peers and the Redcoat Show

This tape is another wonderful example of the memorabilia you could take away from your holidays at Butlins. Last month we looked at the photo viewer the famous holiday camp issued.  As was the case then, a family member had asked me to carry out a conversion of this tape to digital.

Many of you will fondly remember the entertainment put on at Butlins holiday camps by the Redcoats. The variety shows they did entertained all guests, and were lovingly paid tribute to by the Yellowcoats in the popular TV series Hi-De-Hi!. Guests were able to purchase copies of this cassette, enabling them to enjoy the songs and comedy routines of the entertainers long after their holiday had finished.

convert tapes to digital

Tape Quality and conversion

This cassette was made in 1985, making in 32 years old. It was wonderful to put the tape in to play and hear that it hadn’t been damaged too much by age. The show was recorded “live” during one performance at a Butlins holiday camp. Much of the wonderful atmosphere of the entertainment is captured on the tape.

I have added some samples of this tape conversion to my You Tube page for The Taper. This will give you a very good idea of what quality you can expect when converting tapes to digital. There are also some examples from a tape recording of a Mary Hopkin radio interview from 1976 which I recently converted.

Hopefully this article has brought back some wonderful memories for you, and given you an idea of the quality to expect when converting tapes to digital formats. If you’re looking to have some tapes transferred to a digital format or any of the other services I provide, please remember to get in touch. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


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