Converting VHS to DVD – Quality Questions

Converting VHS to DVD lets you enjoy many wonderful moments again. It’s quite likely that you have videos which you’ve not played for several years. With this in mind, many people have questions about what quality their videos will now be in.

With the amazing quality of DVD, Blu Ray and digital video it’s easy to think that VHS was very poor. This is not the case. Whilst not offering the remarkable sound and vision of today’s technology, the majority of VHS recordings are of a very good quality.

converting VHS to DVD

This image is from one of my family home videos. The footage is from ten years ago. The VHS-C tape used dates back to the early 1990s. As you can see, the picture quality is perfectly acceptable considering the technology used.

In order to give a better idea of how the quality of converting VHS to DVD comes out I’ve set up a You Tube channel. Please click here to visit The Taper profile on that website.  I will add videos from my own collection on a regular basis.

Checking the Quality of VHS Tapes

Some key factors to bear in mind when converting VHS to DVD include  –

  • The quality of the video tape
  • The quality of the equipment used for recording
  • How many times the tape had been used before
  • How the video tape has been stored

Videos stored in their boxes and kept away from extreme heat are normally in very good quality. VHS tapes are quite robust.

converting VHS to DVD

This image is from a mid-1980s home wedding video. As you can see, even in low-light circumstances the quality of a VHS image remains very good.

Playing your video tapes is the best way to see what the quality will be when converted to DVD. I am happy to help with this. On the pricing page you can see a testing service I offer. It’s important that you know the quality to expect when arranging for me to convert your VHS tapes to DVD.

Great results are possible when converting VHS to DVD. If you have tapes and you’re ready to be bringing back your memories, please contact me. I’m looking forward to being of service!


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