Data Recovery – A Case Study

I have recently added data recovery to the services I provide in bringing back your memories. This came about after a request from one client. They contacted me in some distress, fearing that many precious pictures had been lost forever.

The ability to store hundreds of thousands of images, videos and other files on small portable hard drives is incredible. A down side to this, however, is that you run the risk of losing them all when something goes wrong. This is exactly what a client of mine was very worried about being the case.

When they attached their drive to a computer this is an image of what came up on the monitor.

data recovery external hard drive

As the drive contained the only copy of pictures from family events such as weddings and birthday parties they were understandably highly distressed. They contacted me to see if I could help them. I arranged for them to get the drive to me so that I could run my data recovery software on it.

The Data Recovery Process

My first action was to try and assess the damage. Running the Check Disk (chkdsk) command showed that there were many bad sectors, but also indicated that the drive could be repaired and accessed.

With the above being the case I connected the drive to a TV set. The majority of modern televisions and Blu Ray players have USB ports which you can connect devices to. This lets you see images and play certain types of video file directly on the television set.

My client was delighted – and very relieved – when I confirmed that the images on the drive came up fine when I did this.

image from hard drive data recovery

Being able to view the images this way was not a complete solution. As the drive could not be accessed via a computer there was every chance that it could fail completely sooner rather than later. With this being the case it was important to carry out a full data recovery service.

The short version is that the data recovery I carried out was a success. If it’s possible to say so it was successful beyond 100%. This is because I was able to recover a large number of previously deleted files too. I will look at recovering erased or accidentally deleted files in a later article.

In total just over 300GB of data was recovered from the drive.

How Long Does Data Recovery Take?

Recovering data from a drive or SD card is very time consuming. It’s also very resource heavy, as you need to leave the computer to run the software alone.

The time it takes to recover data from a drive depends on factors such as –

The size of the drive

How badly damaged the drive is

The number of files on the drive

How many deleted or erased files are detected

Sometimes recovery of files can be completed within an hour. In other cases it can take several days.

data recovery from external hard drive

In this instance the data recovery process took four days. This time includes testing the drive, running the recovery software and transferring the files to a new storage facility. At the request of my client some of the files were transferred to their cloud storage, with the majority being moved to a new external hard drive.

I would like to offer my thanks to my client for allowing me to share some of the details of this case here. They were happy for me to do so in order to help others, so long as I kept the majority of their details private and confidential.

So far I have successfully carried out data recovery services on a number of storage devices. This incudes external hard drives, SD cards, memory sticks and USB flash drives. For more information please look at the data recovery page on this site.

If you have a similar problem to the one experienced by my client then please don’t panic. The images, videos and files are not necessarily  lost forever. My services are here to help, offering a high ratio of recovery success for a low, competitive price. Please get in touch and let me do what I do best – helping in bringing back your memories!


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