Data Recovery


One of the many benefits of modern technology is the ability to store a lot in a small space. Memory cards, USB sticks and external hard drives can hold thousands of pictures and videos. The biggest problem with this is the proverbial “having your eggs all in one basket”. If something happens to that storage device then you risk losing many irreplaceable images. My data recovery services can assist if this happens to you.

data recovery services

When you plug in a storage device and get an error message it’s natural to panic. The idea of losing many precious pictures and files can be heartbreaking if not devastating. In most cases, however, all is not lost. Usually it’s just a small number of bad or corrupted files which is causing the device not to operate properly.

I use specialist data recovery software which can help. Normally it is possible to take a storage device which is not working correctly and extract the data from it. This service can also retrieve files which may have been deleted accidentally.


Although I have had a close to 100% success rate with this, it is important to remember that there is no guarantee of success. Sometimes the damage to a storage device is of a physical nature. In such cases a very specialised – and expensive – professional would be required. In the first instance, however, it is always going to be best to see if I can restore the files and information from the device for you.

The time it takes to carry out data recovery depends on both the size of the drive and how many bad sectors it has.  As a guide, from experience an SD card or USB stick can normally be done within a day, whilst a larger external drive can take three to four days. This includes restoring the files and transferring them to a new storage device.

private and confidential data recovery services


If you’re looking around websites for the cost of data recovery then I imagine you’re a bit frustrated. Most people offering this service tend to want to price per specific job. Whilst I respect this as no two cases are similar I know most people just want a fixed fee.

As with all services offered here at The Taper, I give a set price – one made as competitive as possible. My charges for data recovery are –


USB sticks, SD cards and memory devices up to 128GB – £59.00


Memory devices up to 256GB – £89.00


Memory devices over 256GB – £159.00


The above excludes the cost of a new storage device, as well as the cost of delivery and return.

In respect of a new device, I will happily cost this for you but you may be able to get a better deal in providing your own. For sending and returning, if you’re close by I will happily collect and deliver.

With the exception of postage or delivery costs, I offer a “no win no fee” service. If it is impossible to retrieve data from the drive then I will notify you of this and there’s no charge involved for me looking at it for you.


As with all of the services offered by The Taper your privacy is paramount. The data recovery process takes place offline. Other than a check to ensure the files have been recovered correctly the data you have requested to be restored is not looked at or saved on my side.

The data recovery services I offer are me literally bringing back your memories. If you need help or assistance with data recovery, or have any questions, please get in touch via the contact me page on this site.