Digital Photo Frames – A Great Gift Idea

Digital photo frames are a wonderful gift idea. They are as enjoyable as they are practical for those who have many photos they wish to admire. You can use one digital photo frame to display hundreds – indeed thousands – of pictures. This lets you, or the person you give one to as a gift, enjoy many memories.

The services I offer here at The Taper are perfect for digital photo frames. I scan photographs, negatives and slides to make high quality digital images. These, as I will show in this article, look fantastic when displayed on a digital photo frame. With Christmas coming up you may find this to be the most inspired choice of gift for a special friend or family member. That said, digital photo frames can be the perfect gift for any occasion.

digital photo frames

What Are Digital Photo Frames?

These frames have been around for just over ten years now. They embrace the benefits of lightweight, high-definition LED screens and digital storage. Most frames have a built in memory with the option to plug in an SD card or USB stick.

One of the greatest advantages of digital photo frames is the ability to view many pictures at once. Instead of having to select just a few images – or risk cluttering your home with many frames – you can have all your pictures on display in one frame. A 1GB SD card, for example, would let you have some 500 high quality images displayed on a digital photo frame.

Digital photo frames are widely available and very affordable. Prices for them usually start at around £25. In my experience even the more budget range of digital frames offer a very impressive picture quality. If you are looking for a digital photo frame the best place to start is online. Sites such as Amazon and eBay usually have some great deals on them.

My digital photo frame features an 8″ screen. To give you a better idea of how they work I’ve added a video to my You Tube channel. Here’s the link to the brief clip, showing how the images rotate and change on it. All the images on my frame are ones that I have scanned from photographs, negatives and slides.

digital photo frames

Digital Photo Frames – What I Do For You

The one thing I don’t do is supply the actual digital photo frame. I really believe you would be able to find a great deal on your own, with most suppliers offering free shipping. It would be best for you to select a frame, after all, that has the colour, style and size you want.

My services make it possible for you to display digital images of your photographs, negatives and slides on your frame. I create high quality images which, as you can see, appear perfectly when loaded onto a digital photo frame. At your request, and subject to an extra charge, I can save the images on an SD card so you can plug it straight in.

If you want to have photographs, negatives and slides scanned for digital photo frames please get in touch. You can reach me through any of the methods listed on the contact page for this site.

For some other great ideas about what to do with scanned photographs, negatives and slides you may find this earlier article interesting.

Hopefully you have found this article interesting and inspiring. Digital photo frames really do make a great gift for dear friends and loved family members.


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