Frequently Asked Questions

Or, everything you wanted to know about what I do but were too afraid to ask!

I’m always happy to answer any questions you have about what I do. You might not, however, have the time or chance to ask me. In order to help, here’s the most frequently asked questions answered.

Please note that this section is meant to be informal but informative. It’s quite comprehensive, but it’s far from complete!


Can you convert videos from around the world?

Can you repair damaged video tapes or audio cassettes?

What’s the biggest photograph you can scan?

frequently asked questions

I’m worried that my pictures or video might end up on the internet without my permission. Can you assure me this won’t happen?

My images, tapes and/or videos are of a personal and private nature. Is discretion really assured?

Can you convert original video tapes and audio cassettes?

Can you transfer vinyl to CD?

Do you edit videos and audio cassettes?

I don’t want the video or audio tapes sending back. Can you get rid of them?

Are you able to do 8mm or Super8?

Can you do Reel to Reel audio tapes?

bringing back your memories

How fast can you get the work done?

Will I be able to make copies of the discs you make?

What quality do you scan and record in?

I’d rather have my files on a USB stick. Can you do this?