Mobile Phone Data Recovery

There are many similarities between mobile phone data recovery and the other forms of this service I offer.  In all cases the intent is the same – to bring back memories from deleted or damaged storage systems.

It is the case, however, that there are some differences between recovering data from a phone and an external hard drive. In this article we will look at those differences. We will also see how my services can help you.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery – The Best Approach

The best approach to take with the photos and videos on your phone is to make regular back ups. If you are an Android user it is quite easy to set your phone to automatically back up to the linked Google Drive account. Apple iPhone users can set up an iCloud back up system with similar ease.

mobile phone data recovery

Quite a few people don’t like the idea of cloud storage for phone back ups. This is understandable as there have been several high profile cases of such storage systems being attacked by hackers. My personal preference is to back up my phone to my computer.

With respect to how often you should back up the files on your mobile phone this is something which is up to you. Once a month would be a good average to try for. That said, if you have taken some important or precious photographs with your  phone it’s always going to be best to back them up as soon as possible.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery – When Back Ups Fail

Accidents happen. Even people who regularly back up their mobile phones can find files get deleted in error. Sometimes the memory card in a phone gets damaged and cannot be read correctly. This is where my services can help.

In respect of the latter I recently shared a case study about recovering data from a damaged drive. The same principles apply here.

For the purposes of this article I’ve used some of my own devices for examples. I took an old BlackBerry handset and a 4th generation iPhone to run data recovery on.

Let’s start with a look at the 2GB Micro SD card which was in my BlackBerry handset.

micro sd data recovery

The results, as you can see, are quite incredible. As was the case with this example it’s possible to extract virtually all previously deleted files from a memory card. Despite the capacity of the Micro SD card being stated as 2GB I was able to recover more than 14GB of previously lost or deleted files.

A Micro SD card from a BlackBerry was used in this example.  The same results are achieved with one used in an Android or Windows based mobile phone. As many of you will know, there is of course one very popular phone which does not use any form of removable storage.

Mobile Phone Data Recovery – A Note On iPhones

Many of you will be aware that a key feature of Apple mobile phones is the security they offer. There are several cases, such as this one, of iPhones proving to be difficult to recover data from.

It is important to note that such problems occur only when anyone but the legal owner of an iPhone attempts to recover data If it is your device and you have the security access codes then yes, you can recover data from it.

iphone data recovery

The above shows a very basic data recovery process I ran on the one model of an iPhone.  As you can see in the information provided it is possible to recover previously deleted files from your iPhone handset.

Please note that I cannot offer mobile phone data recovery services for locked iPhones. If you do not have the security code or PIN for your handset then you need to contact Apple for assistance.

Do You Need Mobile Phone Data Recovery? Get In Touch!

Here at The Taper my aim is to help people. That’s why I offer affordable and reliable services.

The single most important thing you’re looking for in mobile phone data recovery services is discretion. I take pride in offering a strictly private and confidential service. All data recovery work takes place offline. No copies of your recovered files are kept beyond the time you confirm that they are in working order.

Please get in touch through the contact page. I’m looking forward to being able to help you!

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