Convert Negatives and Slides



If you are sat with some negatives and slides of pictures from the past then why not let my services make it as easy for you to see and share them as you can with ones taken on smartphones?

It’s quite hard to believe that once upon a time taking a picture was a rather rare and special event. Digital technology – smartphones in particular – has made many of us rather “snap happy”, as we can take as many pictures as we like for next to no cost at all. We also get to see the picture taken straight away – something you could have only done with Polaroids in the past.

convert photos negatives and slides to digital images

The two most popular and frequently used sizes for both negatives and slides are 110 and 35. I am able to make digital images of both these, whether it’s a slide or negative. I can also work with film cells and larger or different-sized negatives. If you are not sure what you have, please contact me – we can work it out together.

In respect of slides, I can work with both cardboard and thin plastic-housed ones. Some slides come in a thicker casing which I cannot work with. Should you have thick-cased slides, it is possible to dismount them, but that is a decision you would need to take.

convert slides to digital images

My service is strictly “one at a time”. I do not use a bulk feeder machine to automate changing your slides and negatives. Each image is created one by one. This allows me to make sure the colour balance and sharpness are correct, giving you the best image possible.

Once the digital images are created, it’s up to you how you get them. I can arrange to send them across the internet via a file transfer. What’s usually best, though, is to let me record them onto a DVD or CD and post them to you.

Lots of us have memories hidden away on negatives and slides. Let my services bring those memories back!

Ready to start bringing back your memories? Please contact me and let’s get going!