Photographs Scanned to Digital Images



Getting  your photographs scanned to a digital image format (.jpg file) lets you share them with much greater ease.

It’s quite normal for us to have just one copy of a photograph. Usually it would feel like that’s all we would ever need, but there are a couple of good reasons why you should get digital copies made.

The first reason is the one we don’t want to think about. What if the one and only copy of a photo we have gets damaged or destroyed? Unless you have the original negative, there’s no way to bring it back.

photographs scanned to digital images

On a happier note, having a digital copy lets you do all sorts of things with the picture. You can easily send and share a digital image with friends and family around the world. It’s also possible to use a digital copy of an image to have it printed on things like calendars, t-shirts and coffee mugs.

As with my negatives and slides services, all photographs are scanned on a one-by-one basis. My efforts are always concentrated on making sure the best possible digital image is created of your photo, with the scan always being of the highest quality available.

Usually I prefer to work with loose photographs. If you’d rather send them to me in an album then we can arrange this. Please note, however, the photos would have to be removed from the album in order to be scanned.

Ready to have your photographs scanned to digital images? Please contact me and we can make a start!