I find myself with something of a little dilemma with reviews. On the one side I know that they are very valuable for people looking to use my services. Good reviews do, after all, show that you really do deliver what you say. The other side of this is that I really do pride myself on giving a private and confidential service. Protecting your privacy is really important to me.

The best solution I have come up with for the above is to let people put reviews on an external site. It’s always fantastic when my highly valued customers want to give me a review. I just don’t want them to feel pressured into leaving it here.

A great advantage to this approach with reviews is that you know they are both verified and real. I have no control over who writes what there, save to request clearly false ones to be removed.

Reviews – The Taper

If you would like to see the verified reviews of my services they can be viewed on my Free Index page. Here is the link to my profile. I am both flattered and delighted to have been given such fantastic feedback on my services.

Here are some screenshots of the comments –




If any of the people who wrote the above happen to be reading this, a very big thank you from me once again! It really was a pleasure to do the work for you. I am delighted that you are clearly very happy with the results.

The Taper – Bringing Back Your Memories

I really am very proud of the wonderful comments and reviews my work has generated. What I am looking forward to, however, is delivering the same quality to you.

I am passionate about delivering high quality work for the most competitive pricing possible.

If you’d like to see and hear your memories once again then please get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page.

Get in touch – it would be great to let what I do be of benefit to you!