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Converting tape to CD has been one of my most in demand services of late. It’s fantastic to be able to do this as it lets people once again hear some of their favourite music and other forms of recordings. Due to the popularity of this service I thought it would be interesting to look at another example.

In this example I am going to use another tape from my collection. This is another case of a recording not being made available on CD or as a digital download. Recently I used the quite rare Starstruck soundtrack tape to highlight this kind of situation.  For this example I’m using a rare comedy tape by popular Liverpudlian comedian Alexei Sayle.

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Tape To CD – The Source

This cassette comes from 1985. It was given away as part of a promotion by Newcastle Breweries. The tape was part of the marketing for a new drink called Newcastle Bright. It was a mixture of lager and ale – one which proved not to be too popular. Happily the comedy sketches created and performed by Alexei Sayle on this tape were!

Alexei Sayle is probably best known for being a regular performer on the cult BBC TV show The Young Ones. He has, however, had a highly successful career in his own right. A great deal of this tape shows exactly why this is true. His observational comedy is celebrated for being sharp and witty. There’s many examples of this on the 20 minute recording.

To be completely honest I do not remember exactly how I came to own this tape. If my memory serves right I believe it was my brother who got it, possibly at a football match. All I know for sure is that I loved it and so kept it safe for all these years.

convert tape to CD www.thetaper.co.uk

Tape To CD – The Quality

When I carried out my tape to CD conversion skills on this cassette I was thrilled to hear that it played perfectly. As with so many of my other tapes it has travelled the world with me.

My research suggests that this recording is unavailable commercially. With this being the case I have decided to add the entire Alexei Sayle performance from it to my You Tube page. Here’s a direct link to the full recording. It’s about 20 minutes long and I sincerely hope you find it as funny as I do!

For those curious side two of the cassette features music. The most notable band on the tape is Prefab Sprout, who enjoyed several hits back in the 80s. As most of the music on that side of the tape is commercially available I cannot add it to my You Tube channel. Here, at the least, is an image of that side of the tape.

convert tape to CD www.thetaper.co.uk

Tape To CD – What I Do For You

It had been a fair few years since I’d played this tape. I was delighted to find how much of it I remembered, and indeed that it still made me laugh.

You may well have a tape like this. Perhaps it’s a favourite comedy performance, or even some music that you really love. It could also be that, like so many recordings, it has not been made available in a modern format such as a CD or digital download. If this is the case then my tape to CD services can help you hear it again.

I believe in providing a high quality service for a very affordable price. You can hear this quality by playing this tape to CD conversion on the link above. If you have tapes that you’d love to hear again please get in touch through the contact page.

As this recording of him seems to be quite rare I do hope all you fellow Alexei Sayle fans enjoy hearing it!


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