The Taper – First Advertisement!

This is another post looking at the journey I am making with The Taper. At this stage I’ve been going for nearly a month. The interest I have received has been fantastic. I believe it is a good idea to reflect on how I am progressing.

When starting any business it goes without saying that reaching out to people is essential. Building this website was the first step in achieving this. If you’re reading this then that is working! It is, however, important to reach out in a more direct way.

In a recent post I showed off some flyers I had printed. They are fantastic, and I was delighted with the end result. To follow this up I decided to look into magazine advertising.

The Taper now and then magazine advert

Now & Then magazine is always wonderful reading. It was particularly exciting when the latest edition arrived, however, as it featured the first ever magazine advert for The Taper!

As was the case with the company I used for my flyers, I would like to thank the publishers and staff of Now & Then magazine. They were fantastic in helping me out with the advert design. It was wonderful to work with people so supportive of a new local business starting up.

The Taper magazine advert

If you have visited my site because you saw the above in Now & Then magazine then I am delighted to see that I could reach you!

I am looking forward to my services being used by you for bringing back your memories. Please contact me – it will be a pleasure to talk to you and wonderful to be of assistance!

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