The Taper – First Flyers!

Here at The Taper I know what the “internet gurus” all say. This blog section should only be filled with keywords related to the services I do, all in the hope of a higher Google ranking. That’s certainly important, and I hope many of you find me that way! I do, however, believe the journey of this business I have started is important to report on.

With The Taper barely a month old I’ve taken the decision to do some advertising. After some research it seemed that flyers were the best first step to take.

It’s quite possible, if this is somewhat optimistic of me to say, that you are here on this site because you saw my flyer. If that’s true for you, great! Thank you for visiting!

The Taper flyer front

I looked at the many options available here in the UK for having flyers printed. The best overall value came from Hello Print, so I used their services. I am very glad that I did. They were incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the whole process. My thanks again to them – they are very understanding of new businesses and keen to assist in any way possible.

The Taper flyer back

Hopefully people looking to bring back their memories will see these flyers and get in touch!

If you are visiting this site looking to get your videos, photographs, negatives and slides converted to digital please get in touch. You can reach me by any of the details on the flyer. Alternatively, there is a contact form on this site.

Thank you for coming by and reading this part of my journey. I promise that the next blog post will, however, focus on what I can do for you with my services!


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