Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are, of course, also known as the small print!

Don’t worry, there’s nothing tricky in here. I am here to give you the service you are looking for. This is your guide to how I work and what you can expect.



Payments for the work I do must be made before it is carried out. Estimated postage costs can be paid upfront too, or when the job is done if that’s more convenient for you. As the proverbial one-man band, I simply can’t afford to do work and then wait to get paid.

As the quality of materials I work with varies, I cannot make any promises regarding the quality. All I can do is promise to make them look the best they can based on the initial materials I am given. As you are also paying for my time to carry out the work, I cannot offer refunds if the images do not come out as you had hoped.

To balance this out, I promise that if what you have sent me doesn’t look like it will look good when converted, I shall stop work and ask you if you still want me to go ahead. If this is the case then of course a refund will be arranged.

Should you have any doubts or concerns about how your videos, tapes or pictures might come out, please make use of the “try before you buy” £3 test. The details are on the pricing page.


Immense levels of care are taken when handling your materials. I know that I have them on trust. I repay that with the responsible way in which your items are handled. As those of you who were around in the 70s, 80s and 90s will know, though, every now and then videos and tapes got damaged during normal use.

By using my services, you agree to indemnify me in regards of all damage which occurs to your items whilst they are being converted. In the unlikely event of this happening, I will of course do all that I can to assist you with getting in touch with reputable repair services.

In instances where you believe items have been damaged in the postal or courier service used, I will of course work with you in respect of any claim for damages and compensation against them.


By using my services, you are acknowledging that you are the legal owner or copyright holder of the items you are having me convert.

I am offering you a service to play or view what you have in a more convenient way. Doing this does not infringe on your existing consumer or owner rights, but it also does not give you any extra ones.

At no point are the materials viewed as being anything other than under your ownership.


This will be a firm but friendly section of the small print.

There is no issue with you using me to convert images, videos or recordings which might be considered to have an intimate, explicit or private nature. One of the advantages of using my services is you are dealing one-on-one with a real person you can trust to protect your privacy.

Under no circumstances will I work with any material which is clearly illegal. It would be a criminal offence for me to do so. If you know that what you have to be converted is illegal then please do not send it to me.

In certain cases it is quite possible that you will simply have no idea what might be on the material. Should this happen I will contact you to get clarification or discuss what should be done next.

That said, should the material contain anything which is clearly and explicitly criminal please note that I reserve the right to hand over the material to the relevant authorities. It is highly likely that they will require the contact details of the person who sent it to me. In such circumstances no returns or refunds would be applicable.

See – firm and friendly. I’m here to do conversion work for you of absolutely any nature. Just so long as its nature is within the fairly big boundaries of the law.


I do not keep copies of the work I do for you any longer than I have to.

Once you’ve got the disc and confirmed that all is in order, I delete the files. Please note that this means I will not be able to create any further copies. A new order would need to be placed if something happens to your digital copies.

Should I not hear from you after 21 days of you receiving the work back the files will be deleted.

Your contact details are retained in my invoicing system. They are not used for any marketing purposes and will not be disclosed to any Third Party. The only exclusion from this is in respect of the comment regarding illegal content and material.


Phew, that’s that. See, not too painful!

If there’s some specific aspect that you want clarity on, please get in touch. I am sure we can get what you need in place in order to be comfortable using my services.