Memory Cards





Sometimes it’s not just the technology of the past that we want to be able to view with ease. As amazing and versatile as modern memory cards are, it’s not always easy to view what’s recorded on them. Let me help by transferring the content of your memory cards to DVD or an external hard drive.

Many video cameras today use memory cards to record on. Whilst you can plug the camera (or sometimes the memory card itself) directly into a TV to watch, it’s not always possible to send and share a copy. If you have home videos and movies recorded onto a memory card, I can create a DVD of them for you.

Just like with my VHS and VHS-C recordings, the DVD of your memory card home videos will be Zone Free. You would be able to play the disc on virtually any computer with a DVD drive, DVD Player or Blu-Ray player anywhere in the world.

It might also be the case that you find you have lots of memory cards full of pictures and files. You don’t want to delete any of them, but you don’t want to have to go through each card to find what you want. I’m able to transfer the data over to DVDs or, for high volumes, an external USB drive.

The most used memory cards are SD cards, micro SD cards and SanDisk / Sony Memory Sticks. If you have a different format, it’s possible that I can still help – get in touch and we will have a chat. I can also carry out the same work with USB flash drives.

Are you someone with a drawer or box full of memory cards? Do you have no idea what’s on which one, but know that you don’t want to lose them? Then this service is perfect for you!

Please contact me for more information.