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Being able to transfer VHS to DVD means that you can watch and enjoy some fantastic memories. Usually when I am called to provide this service it’s to convert home videos from VHS tapes to DVD discs. There are, however, a wide range of videos that people want to have in an easy to watch format. A very interesting example of this is the Video Single.

The idea of a Video Single might seem quite strange to the younger generation of today. In this day and age we have multiple TV channels dedicated to showing music videos, as well as a number of online providers available on the internet. Back in the 80s and early 90s, though, chances of seeing music videos were rare. We only had four TV channels, with shows broadcasting music videos being small in number.

In some cases the record labels released music videos to buy. They tended to be rare and expensive – but for fans of the bands very much worth it!

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Above are three examples of Video Singles, taken from my collection. Well, mostly – the Prince one is a tape I “borrowed” from my sister! Whilst the covers for them look like they have seen better days I am delighted to say that all three tapes inside still play perfectly. They provide a great example of how, when you use me to transfer VHS to DVD, you can relive fantastic memories.

Transfer VHS To DVD – The Video Single

Video singles first appeared in shops during the mid-80s. At the time more and more money was being spent on promotional videos for songs. This was because great videos were broadcast more frequently. The more a video was shown the higher the record sales were.

Usually video singles copied the format of 7″ vinyl singles. They were ten minutes long and featured two tracks. The first track was the main song released by the artist and the second was some additional material. In most cases the second part was a video not made available to broadcasters, making the video single the only way you could see it. As this means the footage is usually quite rare it makes all the more sense for you to transfer VHS to DVD. Whilst many of the main videos on video singles have been released on DVD it is rare for the second part to have been.

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Transfer VHS To DVD – Why Are Video Singles Rare?

Video singles were a wonderful way to see your favourite band. They were also quite expensive. A video single would cost anywhere between £4.99 and £7.99, which seemed a lot for 10 minutes of footage. For comparison, a 7″ single would cost either 99p or £1.49, with an album on vinyl or tape costing £4.99.

Buying a video single was then a big decision for anyone’s music budget. You usually had to be a big fan of the act to spend that kind of money on this form of release. Very few people did, which has made the video singles released back then quite rare today.

If you use me to transfer VHS to DVD you can preserve these rare video singles. My services mean you can watch the rare footage on them once and share it with friends, family and fellow fans. I have done this with one of the video singles from my collection.

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Transfer VHS To DVD – A Video Single Example

Of the three video singles shown I’ve added the Sigue Sigue Sputnik one to The Taper’s You Tube channel. The other two have a BBFC certificate of “15”, which means they are not suitable to add. The one I have uploaded is Exempt from Classification.

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Hopefully fellow fans of this rather famous 80s band will enjoy seeing the rare footage on the video single!

If you would also like to transfer VHS to DVD then please get in touch. You can reach me through the contact page here on this site. I offer a high quality service for a very competitive price.


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