VHS to DVD – Forgotten Memories Found

A customer recently contacted me about arranging a VHS to DVD conversion. What made this particular request interesting was that they were unsure as to what exactly was on the tape. There was no label on it and they had no recollection of what it might be. I assured them that this was far from unusual, and promised to tell them what was on the tape before I converted it.

It turned out to be very fortunate indeed that they had the VHS tape checked. When I ran it to check I was delighted to discover that it was a 3D baby scan video from around 12 years ago.

3D baby scan VHS to DVD conversion www.thetaper.co.uk

3D baby scans – sometimes called “ultrasound scans or 4D scans – are priceless memories of a baby before they’re born. They give a glimpse of what the child will look like – and let you know the gender if you wish. Another feature, which we will look at later, is the ability to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

My customer was delighted to learn that this 3D baby scan was on the video. They of course requested that I go ahead with the VHS to DVD conversion of it, enabling them to watch it again. It was a pleasure to do, and they are looking forward to showing it to the “baby” featured!

3D baby scan heartbeat image www.thetaper.co.uk

Earlier I mentioned that these 3D baby scans allow you to hear the baby too. The above is an image from that stage of the video. You can see and hear this part of the video on my You Tube channel. Here’s a direct link to the above video. Further samples can be found on my main You Tube page.

My customer was delighted with the way the conversion came out. They insisted that I put some samples of the work here for the benefit of others looking to have this work done.

For more information about my VHS to DVD conversion work please look at this page. If you’re ready to have me bring back your memories, please get in touch via the contact page.

It was fantastic to be of such great service to this customer. I am looking forward to doing being the same for you soon!


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