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Most of the work I do with transferring video to DVD involves home movies. In the majority of cases people use my skills to transfer VHS or VHS-C tapes onto a DVD, making it easier to watch them again. From time to time, though, I am asked to do the same for something recorded from television.

There are many cases of shows and events being broadcast on TV but not released to buy. The most common of these are music performances and interviews. I have taken an example of each from my own collection.

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Video To DVD – Live Interviews and Chat Shows

Chat shows have long been a staple of British television. One of the most dearly loved was Wogan. If I remember right, at its peak the show was on every weekday evening!

The popularity of Wogan meant that many big names were willing to appear. At a time when most homes only had four channels to choose from, being on the show guaranteed a big audience.

One of the most famous people to appear on Wogan was David Bowie. He appeared in 1991 with his band Tin Machine. This was part of promoting a new album and tour.

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That’s a still from my video recording of the appearance. Like a lot of people back then I recorded segments of shows which featured my favourites. As there was no internet or You Tube you couldn’t be sure that they would ever broadcast the footage again!

Speaking of You Tube, I’ve added the above clip to my channel. It features the band performing You Belong In Rock N Roll, as well as the interview. Here’s the direct link to the clip. As you can see, the picture and sound are fantastic – very impressive for a 26 year old tape!

Video To DVD – Concert Performances

In some instances broadcast shows are released for sale but in an edited form. Whilst there are usually good reasons for this it can be frustrating for those who remember how something originally was.

A good example of this is the Freddie Mercury Tribute  Concert, held at Wembley in April 1992. When the concert was released on DVD and Blu Ray several performances from the day were omitted. One of these performances was by the legendary band Spinal Tap

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Spinal Tap were, as many of you will be aware, a fictional band. They were the stars of a spoof documentary called This Is Spinal Tap. The popularity of the group means that they still perform to this day.

I was one of the many who were disappointed that their performance was omitted from the DVD and Blu Ray release. Happily, however, I found that I had recorded it at the time of original broadcast.

As with the David Bowie appearance on Wogan I’ve added this Spinal Tap performance to my You Tube channel. Here is the link to it.

Unfortunately I am not sure why Spinal Tap were removed from the official release of the concert. Their appearance at the tribute reflected one of the many great qualities of Freddie Mercury – his sense of humour.

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Video To DVD – What I Can Do For You

These are just two of the dozens of video recordings I have kept of my favourites.

Do you have a similar collection, but with no easy way to watch them again? Then get me to convert them to DVD for you!

As long as the tapes are in good condition I provide high quality video to DVD conversions at a competitive price.

If you would like to be able to watch your treasured video tapes again, please get in touch with me through the contact page.

I really hope you enjoy the two videos I’ve added. More importantly, I am really looking forward to converting your videos for you to enjoy!

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